Some users report...

-Explosive output of Testosterone – resulting in INSANE increases in lean muscle mass, size and definition.
-Virtually super-human increases in strength and endurance.
-Boosts in overall brain function and a hyper-ability to focus
-HUGE increases in V02 Max and time to exhaustion.
-Better insulin sensitivity and insulin regulation - the single biggest factor for quick fat loss, and maintaining a lean, "cut" physique.
-Sleep quality that is off the charts.
-A conspicuous increase in the sense of well-being


If you've been paying attention, you know that the hottest product on the market for bodybuilders over the past several months is something known as MicroRNA Growth Factor Poly-Peptides.

These all-natural compounds have EVERYONE talking. They inspire awe... and more than a little fear.

That's because users report they work like the clear brain-boosting tabs in the film "Limitless" except they work on your ENTIRE body – your muscles as well as your brain!

Many bodybuilders claim polypeptides can pack on 6 to 12 pounds of muscle per month – EVERY month!

And now we've taken this ultra-advanced performance boosting technology to the next level and applied it to... testosterone!

"...A Genuinely Safe And Effective Testosterone Booster That Has HUGE Potential For Lifters!"

The product is called Cyclosterone.

And you have to SEE the results with your own eyes or you won't believe it...

There is probably no quicker way to add a dozen pounds of ROCK HARD muscle to your frame. Some scientists believe it can result in a MASSIVE INCREASE in natural Testosterone.

Some early users report...

Explosive output of Testosterone – resulting in INSANE increases in lean muscle mass, size and definition Virtually super-human increases in strength and endurance Boosts in overall brain function and a hyper-ability to focus HUGE increases in V02 Max and time to exhaustion Better insulin sensitivity and insulin regulation - the single biggest factor for quick fat loss, and maintaining a lean, "cut" physique Sleep quality that is off the charts A conspicuous increase in the sense of well-being Blood test results that make doctors stare in disbelief -- high values come down, low values come up for key biomarkers for health

In other words: Cyclosterone is the bodybuilding nutrient you need to get to the next level of performance. It can help you get big AND cut at the same time.

If the U.S. Navy Wanted to Win Bodybuilding Competitions, This is What the SEALs Would Be Taking!

As you may have heard, the technology behind Cyclosterone comes out of TOP SECRET human performance research for the U.S. government.

That's not an exaggeration.

We partnered with a secret research lab that develops performance-boosting compounds for Navy SEALs and other Special Op units as well as fighter pilots and astronauts.

These are the guys who figure out how to keep Navy SEALs and astronauts at peak performance 24/7.

But What the Heck Are Polypeptides Anyway?

MicroRNA peptides are basically long chains of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. They have a regulating effect on endocrine functions. But these particular peptides are sourced from a highly secret laboratory that has developed a proprietary process that allows them to "harvest" these peptides in a stem cell form. The process is insanely complex.

By stimulating the adrenal glands, these peptides help the body to secrete natural steroids & hormones – specially the male sex hormone testosterone but also Human Growth Hormone (HgH) -- that increase lean muscle mass, lower bodyfat, reduce stress, increase vitality, act as a strong antioxidants, and help the body to maintain healthy skin, bone, and muscle tissue.

In addition, researchers believe these all-natural compounds AMPLIFY and ACCELERATE the effects of natural muscle-growth compounds in the body.

In other words, they not only increase your body's production of natural testosterone and human growth hormone... they also boost their effectiveness!

WARNING: Cyclosterone is Solely for SERIOUS Lifters Who Want to Get Huge FAST!

I won't sugarcoat it for you. This super-advanced beta technology is in not only "hush hush." It's also almost damn-near impossible to get.

Like most of our VIP products, you can't buy Cyclosterone in any health food store or pharmacy.

It's only our exclusive partnership with the human performance lab that allows us access to this bleeding-edge technology in the first place.

In addition, we have very limited supplies. It takes several thousand eggs to produce a small amount of polypeptides – and the eggs must all be cracked by hand.

As a result, we want to reserve Cyclosterone solely for hard-core, serious bodybuilders, MMA athletes and Olympic weightlifters.

So, if that's NOT you... please don't order this product! There are other products you can try. This is hard-core stuff for hard-core people.

However, if you're committed to getting to the next level in a hurry... and will do whatever it takes to get there... then you have no choice but to check out Cyclosterone.

By adding Cyclosterone to your training, you can AMPLIFY and ACCELERATE the cellular mechanisms that make muscle tissue explode in size – and start packing on pound after pound of bulging muscle.

While our limited supplies last, you can order this next-generation, 100% legal, all-natural muscle-building formula by adding dropping it in your cart!