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Hey - I realize this is probably not news to you, but if you don't already know...

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a powerful substance produced in the body. Its primary role is the growth of bodily tissues and is often at its highest peak when we are very young.

Growth hormone greatly assists in the repair and building of muscle tissue, which is great for those of us who are looking to add lean muscle mass, as well as the remodeling of bone and collagen tissues.

It also helps with the regulation of our metabolisms, which are essentially all the reactions that occur within the human body.

Another reason HGH is in such high demand is it actually re-contours the body, melting away fat and building muscle.

In many cases, people look like they dropped several years as well as the fat that just seems to "melt off."

The bad news is... the “traditional” way of getting GH is by very costly, dangerous, and in most cases illegal injections.

But Here's The Good News!

Primal Muscle has just released a brand new, Oral Spray called 191xt specifically designed to help with GH output*!

Just Check Out The Benefits Of Dramatically Increasing Growth Hormone Output! *Increased muscle mass...many people have gained up to 10-20 pounds of pure muscle! *Rapidly accelerated fat loss...below 6% body fat is now possible! *Quick strength increases in all major lifts! Slam up record poundages and consistently shatter plateaus. *Stronger tendons and ligaments for a prolonged, injury free bodybuilding or athletic career. This is vital if you plan on training successfully for longer than a few months. *Faster recovery from intense training for quicker gains in strength and muscle. *Significant improvement in the elasticity and smoothness of your skin...for the ladies (or men). *Enhanced immune function so you'll never be victimized by overtraining...that means constant progress. *Increased function of vital organs, like your liver and kidneys, so you can metabolize the other supplements you take more efficiently!

Every bodybuilder and strength athlete interested in increasing muscle mass and slashing body fat wants all these benefits of growth hormone therapy. Find out for yourself just how powerful 191xt is by calling the toll free number below or ordering it TODAY!