"Helped me greatly"

“I took Nitrox ATP, Cyclosterone, Arimitex, Triathermand TridenosenH to start getting trim and stronger for MMA. During workouts, I was sweating up a storm with lots of energy, but I really wasn’t feeling what I expected. 2 weeks before the end of my training regimen, I realized I screwed up with the supplements, and hoped it wasn’t too late to use the correct dosage Jesse gave me. So I took it as suggested, Triatherm with meals, Nitrox-ATP and Cyclosterone with the TridenosenH™ before workouts, and the Arimitex after dinner. I definitely felt a difference in my workouts and in the recovery time. I can be intense when I workout, and usually lose energy pretty quickly, but with the correct dosages, my energy levels and endurance seemed almost boundless. My training partner said that I zoned out while blasting the pads.

So after using Jesse’s cutting trick, I weighed in at 240.5, which means I had lost 29lbs in 90 days, and 7 pounds in those last few days before the weigh-in. I was hoping for more, but because the false start, I know I could have done better. Still, I haven’t weighed 240 since I was 29, and when I was 32, I weighed 336 lbs. The support, encouragement and dietary advice Jesse gave helped me greatly.”


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