Unlock The 1970s Muscle Building “Recomp Secret” (Legally)... with Primo-33!

Primo-33 delivers dual-action transformation unlike anything else legally available.

Inspired by a 1970s Gold’s Gym anabolic staple, Primal Muscle's groundbreaking body recomposition formula lets you pack on lean mass and shred fat by keeping stress hormones at bay.


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"Primo-33 is good to go! Kinda surprised how quick it works! I went to the gym after my first dose and I couldn’t believe the massive pump I got! I know that I’m definitely getting another bottle... this stuff is unbelievable. Do not drop this!!!"

-David H.

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Is “Body Recomposition” Even (Legally) Possible?

It feels great to look huge with a shirt on…only to take it off and reveal a doughy, undefined body.

It’s also awesome to look at yourself in the mirror, admiring your weight loss and new cuts…only to put a shirt back on and have people ask you: “Do you still go to the gym? You look a lot smaller.”

For the longest time, natural guys seeking the best of both worlds—big muscles and low body fat— had to play bulking and cutting see-saw. The only reliable workaround was to make some serious compromises. We're talking about diving into the black market for illegal steroids, crossing lines they never thought they'd cross. Yeah, it's a dark alley that's as risky as it sounds, and the dangers to your health? Don't even get me started.

Even if you were OCD about counting each and every macro in your diet, losing fat while gaining muscle was like the elusive prize hardly anyone achieved. Why is that?

One main contributing factor that makes recomp so tricky isn't the wrong diet or training program. It's your body's hormonal environment.

Cortisol... The Uninvited Guest Crashing Your Gains Party

You've probably heard of cortisol. Yeah, it's that "stress hormone" that's essential, but also a real backstabber if you let it run rampant.

Think of it this way:

Cortisol is like that annoying guy who always seems to show up uninvited to poker night. At first, he seems useful, even necessary—helps deal the cards, keeps the game going. But let him stick around too long, and he'll raid your fridge, mess up the game, and spoil the whole night. In the same way, cortisol can rob you of your hard-earned gains and pack on unnecessary pounds if you're not careful.

What you need is a seasoned pit boss to keep the card table balanced and the game flowing. Something to keep those cortisol levels in check so you can build muscle and torch fat without any hormonal party crashers getting in the way.

Muscle and Shred in One:
The Ultimate Shortcut to a Timeless Physique!

If you've always wondered how Golden Era legends like Arnold got their god-like physiques in the 60’s, '70s, and 80’s—and you're ready to unlock the same muscle-building secret without the risks—then get ready for a revelation with Primo-33.

You've probably heard of cortisol. Yeah, it's that "stress hormone" that's essential, but also a real backstabber if you let it run rampant.

Inspired by Primobolan, the legendary anabolic steroid of the 1970s Gold's Gym era, Primo-33 gives you a powerful anabolic punch without the legal risks or medical red tape. It's the closest thing you'll get to a 'legal steroid,' getting you jacked and ripped without the pitfalls or compromises.

Guys back in the old days liked Primo because it was a milder anabolic and worked as a key enhancer for the look they had (as opposed to today’s bloated cartoon-looking pro bodybuilders). Primal Muscle now offers a reimagined version of this ultimate recomp agent through a formula years in the making.

Imagine flexing and feeling the sleeves hug your arm, having your chest protrude through the top of your shirt while the bottom hangs loosely over a chiseled six-pack—all because Primo-33 slammed the door on your body's muscle-wasting stress hormones. Primo-33 stokes the furnace to achieve this in a legal way unlike anything else out there.

Is achieving the perfect body composition legally possible? With Primo-33, you won't just believe it; you'll live it.


THE PRIMO-33 FORMULA: Engineered

Synergy for Unmatched Results

When it comes to achieving jaw-dropping muscle gains while incinerating body fat, throwing in a bunch of ingredients into a bottle and calling it a day isn’t going to get the job done.

Primo-33 combines a powerful blend of natural extracts, hormone precursors, and other compounds, carefully chosen for their synergistic effects. With Primo-33, every ingredient amplifies the effect of the others, creating a muscle-building, fat-burning juggernaut that mirrors the effects of Primobolan.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

The Natural Stress Buster that Also Packs a Muscle-Building Punch.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, helping your body adapt to physical and mental stress. Not only does it help keep your cortisol levels in check, but studies like the one published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition also suggest that it can significantly increase muscle mass and strength. With less cortisol messing with your gains and more muscle power, Ashwagandha is a key player in the Primo-33 blend.

Shilajit Extract
(20% Fulvic Acid)

The Ancient Himalayan Muscle and Energy Rejuvenator.

Derived from the mountainous regions of the Himalayas, Shilajit Extract brings a buffet of minerals and Fulvic Acid, aimed at boosting your testosterone levels. A study published in Andrologia showed increased testosterone levels among participants who consumed Shilajit. In addition to boosting testosterone, Shilajit also shows potential in energy metabolism, aiding in better workout performance.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Root)

Also known as Tongkat Ali, this root has one job and it does it well: skyrocketing your testosterone levels. With more testosterone, you'll see not just muscle gains but also an improved mood. It's a kind of well-being that carries over into life outside the gym.

drosterone (DHEA)

This isn't just another hormone; this is THE hormone precursor. By boosting your testosterone, DHEA ensures that you're building muscle instead of storing fat. Imagine your hormones finally working FOR you instead of AGAINST you.
Studies show that DHEA supplementation could improve muscle oxidative metabolism, which is essential for maintaining intensity through your training.

Yohimbine HCI (bark)

The Alpha-2 Receptor Antagonist for Laser-Targeted Fat Loss.

Yohimbine is effective in promoting fat loss by blocking alpha-2 receptors. According to a study in the Research in Sports Medicine, it can significantly reduce body fat.

Yohimbine not only helps in fat mobilization but also has other key benefits. According to a study published in Medical Hypotheses, Yohimbine can be an effective treatment for orthostatic hypotension. That means you're less likely to feel faint or dizzy during those heavy lifting sessions, allowing you to push your limits.

Huperzine-A 1%

The Cognitive Enhancer that Optimizes Your Workouts

Huperzine-A is primarily known for its cognitive-enhancing benefits, but what most people don't realize is that a focused mind is key for intense workouts.

Never underestimate how cognitive benefits can translate into better workouts and better muscle growth. The mind/muscle connection is real!

"I've been on Primo-33 for about a week and I added 15 lbs to my incline dumbbell press."

-William S.

Need Some Advice or Questions Answered? No Problem

It may be close, but Primo-33 isn't some "miracle in a bottle." Unfortunately, nothing is. You still have to train hard and keep your diet dialed in. But here's where Primal Muscle sets itself apart from the rest.

We maintain a team of expert fitness advisors on hand at all times. They're always ready to listen to your goals and provide tailored suggestions based on your unique situation. Their insights on how to dose Primal Muscle formulas can be the difference between getting good results and getting “Holy sh*t!!” results.

This service is available at NO COST. At Primal Muscle, we genuinely want you to get the results you’re looking for sooner rather than later. So give us a call and let’s talk gains.

Call us at TOLL-FREE: 1-800-535-9858

"WOW! This stuff is awesome and I just started! Did arms today and was super pumped. I did 10-20 pounds heavier on almost every exercise (preachers, barbell curls, tricep rope pull downs) and my muscles took way longer to fatigue!"

-Zach S.

Get Results or Pay Nothing.

Still on the fence?, I don't Blame you.

We all know there's been plenty of over-promising and under-delivering in the supplement world for too long.

This is precisely why we back EVERY Primal Muscle product with our

100% money-back guarantee.

No BS, no surveys, and no mailing in the unused portion of your purchase.

If you don't love your experience with our stuff, call or email us, and we'll get you squared away immediately. It's that simple.

Several Options For Optimal Results

From our own research--and the feedback of thousands of customers--the sweet spot happens around the 3rd month into your Primo-33 cycle.

You'll experience the effects with one bottle, but optimal results occur a few months in. Look at it this way: someone using illegal gear doesn't expect to look like Arnold in just three weeks. The stuff needs to saturate your system. The same principle applies here.

This is why we offer killer savings on bundle orders. Get your cycle squared away at a discount, and then you're ready to unleash the beast.

Bring Back the Golden Era of Muscle!
Unmatched Size & Definition in One Ground-Breaking Formula.

I have a feeling that if you’re still reading this, you know EXACTLY how frustrating it is to bust your hump in the gym for years only to reap average results. To get the kind of body that grabs attention, most of the time pure diet and exercise alone aren’t enough.

Experience total body recomp, and carve out a physique right out of 1976 Venice Beach!

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