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Muscle-Building Breakthrough
BETTER (And Safer) Than Injectable 'Roids?

"Who would have thought that a compound found in deer antlers would turn out to be the muscle-building breakthrough of the decade!"

In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest in the history of bodybuilding supplements, athletes across the country are using a brand new oral IGF-1 spray called 191xt™ to get shocking muscle growth, massive size, and outrageous strength. And, if consumer sales are any indication of a product's effectiveness. 191xt™ could easily be the future of muscle-building products.

Hardcore bodybuilders (as well as a growing number of MMA fighters and athletes) are buying so much 191xt™ that finding a bottle at your local "supplement shack" has become just about impossible. Has everyone gone mad? Well... not really.

Muscle-Building Breakthrough
or Dumb Luck?

Although IGF-1 supplements were already being used by "baby boomers" for years to help them look and feel younger, it wasn't until hardcore bodybuilders started experimenting with injectable IGF-1 that everyone began to realize just how powerful it could be for muscle growth.

The problem that bodybuilders had with the IGF-1 supplements on the market a few years ago is, quite simply, they didn't do jack-sh*t!

You see, bodybuilders are the type to go big or go home - and the low dose IGF-1 pills they were experimenting with did nothing, so they turned to synthetic IGF-1 in injectable form - and man-oh-man did that do the trick... these guys were getting HUGE almost overnight!

How IGF-1 Builds More Muscle
Than ANY "Old School" Anabolic

If you didn't already know, IGF-1 builds muscle like no other steroid out there... you see most steroids or anabolics build muscle by making the muscle cells you have bigger - this is called hypertrophy. Now don't get me wrong, there is no doubt that steroids build muscle like crazy, and hypertrophy is what you're looking for if you want to get bigger.

But there is another, more powerful, way to build muscle.

So we already know that you can get bigger by making your muscle cells grow bigger - but what if you could create more muscle cells AND make them bigger at the same time? That process, where you grow more muscle cells, is called hyperplasia and that's the muscle-building jackpot my friend! And here's some exciting news...

IGF-1 causes both hypertrophy AND hyperplasia!

That's right, it grows more muscle cells and makes them bigger... talk about a one-two punch!

So now you can see why IGF-1 is so highly sought after by anyone looking to pack on slabs of muscle, or get strong as an ox - you just can't beat that kind of growth with "regular" steroids.

New Delivery System Is A GAME CHANGER!

It's no secret, injectable IGF-1 has many downsides... for starters, it's illegal. Let's face it, getting busted for putting on an extra 20 lbs. of muscle just isn't worth it. Plus, a lot of guys get some pretty gnarly injections and abscesses from bad IGF-1 and dirty injection sites - not cool.

It wasn't until an orally delivered IGF-1 formula was discovered in deer antlers of all places, that bodybuilders could finally ditch the injectable BS and get similar results from something that was legal, and much safer.

And that's where 191xt™ comes in - it's a brand new, orally delivered IGF-1 booster that beats the crap out of IGF-1 injections - plus it's a hell of a lot cheaper!

How To Get It

Because 191xt™ has been gobbled up by hardcore bodybuilders everywhere, it can be tough to get. And just be forewarned that this stuff is pretty strong!

So, if you want to get massive, head-turning size in just weeks, 191xt™ is where it's at.

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