We've done it again... ANOTHER insane deal from your pals at Primal Muscle.

If your goal is muscle - I'm talking about thick slabs of dense muscle on your arms, chest, quads... this is the stack for you.

We have put together a wicked stack of 5 of our top sellers at a discount that is almost offensive - get it now - before we wake up and realize what we've done.

  • Primal SURGE - The Ultimate Pre-Workout... Gets You So Fired Up, You Just May "Pimp Slap" Your Training Partner!
  • Primal BOOST - One Of Our Best Lean Mass Builders. This Stuff Gets You JACKED Fast!
  • 191xt - Let's Just Say The NFL Doesn't Like This Stuff - So You Know What That Means... It Works!
  • Creatine - No Muscle Building Stack Would Be Complete Without A Supply Of Creatine. Everyone Knows Creatine Rocks - Get Ready For Your Strength To Go Through The Roof On It Too!
  • MesoFX - Our Coolest Muscle Builder Yet! This Russian Mass Builder Packs On Mass And Boosts Strength Like Crazy!

Normally all this stuff goes for over $300... and that's at the already discounted price. Don't believe me? Have a look around our site.

But the best part is, it's 100% guaranteed to get results - or your money back. Heck - you don't even have to send the bottles back. That's how serious we are.

Get After It!

*Limit 1 Stack Per Person