"Your supplements aided in my recovery"

"I do not claim to be a big time bodybuilder. However, I have used your supplements off and on for a number of years. I do routinely exercise, whether in the gym or swimming, diving, snow skiing and other activities. Staying active in one’s life is important to maintaining good health. But, this is not the reason for this feedback.
About a year ago or so, I submitted some photos of myself during a two month regime of weight lifting and taking Androxybol and Lipotase. At the time, I did not tell you that I was 60 years old. This is also not the reason for this feedback.
Over the past 4 months, I have been living in the Caribbean on Bonaire, Netherland Antilles. I have been diving each day and routinely taking my Androxybol. After one month, I was involved in an accident in which I broke two ribs, punctured, and collapsed my left lung. I spent five days in the hospital with a drain tube in my thoracic cavity. Once I was released, I was on my own recovery regimen of Tai Chi in the pool and Qi Gong, along with taking my supplements. As your advertising claims, the Androxybol increases ATP, blood oxygen levels, and testosterone. What many people don’t understand is how important these changes can be in physical injury recovery. Within 4 weeks, I was swimming slowly in the pool. At six weeks, I was swimming in the ocean. At seven weeks, I was swimming one mile in the ocean and at two months, I was swimming two miles. While I still cannot dive until after the third month, I wanted to let you know how important I believe your supplements aided in my recovery.

Thank you!

- Tom M.


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