"Working Great"

“The MesoFX & Humatropin combo is working great for me.  Sometimes I can’t believe that at age 57 I can still train with the intensity that I had many years ago...  I’m getting much leaner and at first I had a problem with it because standing 6’1″, I am use to being about 240 – 250 lbs. But I am getting use to the lean hard look as I weigh about 220 lbs now. I dropped and am still dropping excess body fat which is a good thing. My plan is to drop another 10 pounds and when I do start to gain weight again I will do so very slowly.  I want to approach age 60 hard and lean and hopefully barring accident, use your products and continue to develop quality muscle until the nail meets the coffin.”

- Ranee T.

  Las Vegas, NV

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