"Superior products"

"I am an amateur bodybuilder/ powerlifter / mma fighter and have been around for going on 20 years. At the age of 37 I don't have time nor the money to waste on marketing scams that are seen in every magazine on the shelves today. I started using the Humatropin combined with Aspartalone, MesoFX, Flash Bang and Met-Pro. Some will say that was a huge investment, I say it was a great one. I have spent way more money on supplements throughout the years recommended by Mr.O or Mr. whoever just to find myself with a healthy toilet and no results. This stack finally has taken me over the top with a raw bench personal record of 565 lbs for 2 reps at 240 lbs and a standing overhead military press with 350 lbs for 3 solid reps.

I told myself 2012 would be my year and each and every time I hit the gym I am seeing more and more results thanks to the Primal Muscle stack. I used to like to call the stack I used before the "Squatmonster Stack," but this is what I call the "Giantkiller Stack." That's the name of my MMA team, standing only 5' 6" and fighting as a heavyweight, most guys tower over me, but they will never overpower me. Thanks Primal Muscle for all your support and great line of superior products."

- Daniel C.

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