"Stronger and more fit than i have ever been"

“i started lifting seriously about 3yrs ago. before that it was more seasonal/sports related. i started using Tridenosen H and Halosite about 2, 3 months ago, and then added Oral Testibol, and MesoFX 2 the mix along with what i was using before, about 1, 2 months ago. in a short time i’ve found a great pump. my workout partner was featured a couple issues ago. we lift for total weight over an hour non stop. so with supplements, lots of protein, and an avg of 60,000 – 80,000lbs in an hour i got great results. i’ve went from; 203lbs, 16.75in arms, 32 in waist, 44in chest, 18.75in neck. at 5’7; to 206lbs, 17in arms, 31in waist, 46in chest, 19in neck. the supplements gave me faster gains and more pump to last the weight onslaught at an hour. i can’t imagine doing this routine with out the supplements now because of how exhausting it is. if you’re looking to lift and get faster better results, i’d recommend these supplements to anyone. i’m stronger and more fit then i have ever been. so thanks to the advice of my partner and jason, from Primal Muscle, i’ve reached a whole new level.”

- Yung P.
   Erie, PA

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