"Some good sh**"

Tridenosen H is some good sh**, I saved up and bought it when I was training in the off season before I left to college almost 2 years ago. I put on over 40 pounds and maxed at: bench 355, powerclean 275, squat 615 (did 405×15 also) my maxes weren’t to much below those I believe, they were about: bench- 320-330, powerclean 225 and squat 545, regardless an increase and I gained mass. I was a lineman and felt like a wild high tested horse while taking this belly, out those servings with a small pre-workout meal/snack and stack that with Nitrox-ATP, you’ll feel like your running pure test, done it. And honestly when I train for anything I supplement hard and train 5 times harder because I may not have supplements as much as I’d want, never have dieted, but body either gets strong or remains same.”

– Tom G.

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