"She couldn't believe it!"

“Per our conversation a few days ago, just wanted to let you know that since I’ve started using your Primal Muscle supplements starting about a year and a half ago I think (you can check your computer to see when my first order was) I’ve gone from 5’8″ and 215 lbs to 5’8″ 250 and still just as solid as I used to be. Can you imagine being over 250 lbs at 5’8″?!  It’s an awesome feeling! My lifts have all gone up dramatically, and I’m one of the strongest and hardest working guys at the gym.  I love the looks I get from people who always ask me ‘what I’m on.’ Plus, as we’ve talked about, since my breakup with my ex-girlfriend, lifting has literally lifted me out of a funk/depression and I’m doing much better now.  I wouldn’t have the strength or energy to get my ass to the gym everyday, but I do now thanks to Primal Muscle supplements. My ex, after moving in with me, once remarked after finding my supplements in a drawer, ‘Are these steroids?  Because you’ve gotten really big really quick.’  I told her no, that they were safe and legal, and she couldn’t believe it.

Keep up the great work!  And keep coming out with great products as well!”

- Andy P.

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