"Set a new all-time high record"

"I got my bodyweight down to 104lbs for the competition. It was a world powerlifting meet in Chicago and I ended up winning the whole thing! I was best lifter and won my weight class. I got 7 new world records in all my lifts including the total in Open and Masters categories and set a new all-time high record in the history of the sport in the squat and total. It was the most ever lifted by any 105lb class female lifter in any federation in the world! I squatted 462lbs, benched 209 and deadlifted 380lbs. I ended up taking your recommendation and just upping my dosage of the Tridenosen H... So I was the star of the meet squatting 4.5x my bodyweight and I got a lot of respect from all the big guys! Even though they were squatting so much more than me they knew pound for pound what I had accomplished and really gave me a lot of credit for it. My next feat is to squat 515lbs in the 114lb weight class to get that all time high record."

- Margaret K.

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