"Results have been staggering"

"I just started taking Derma-Tropin hGH, and the results have been staggering. I've been taking over the counter Andro products since I was 20 with mixed results. A lot of the products can be stacked together and increase muscle gains, but in the end I feel like I have to take more and more just to keep my head afloat. The results I've experienced by mixing  Derma-Tropin hGH and Axis HT by BSN  was unbelievable; it has taken the effects of the Axis and multiplied them. I feel younger and more energetic and have gotten the best sleep I have ever gotten since I was 18! My skin is getting softer and I feel younger. What the years of the over the counter products have taken from me,  Derma-Tropin hGH gave back. And my workouts have been intense. My knees quit aching and my speed and agility is increasing again. Now my problem is controlling how HIGH I jump."

- Mike M.

  Dallas, Texas

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