"Nothing works better"

I just want to thank Jason Carper for all his help and time he spends talking with me on a weekly base. Jason always keep up with my progress and advises me about different stacks that [Primal Muscle] offers. All year round I maintain app 6% to 7% body fat which is difficult. At the present time I am stacking Tridenosen H™, MesoFX™Oral Testibol™. These products I use all year round . Over the last month I have been trying to get down my body fat to 5%. Its very hard. One day my advisor Jason called me about a new product called Lipotase™.  I then bought a bottle and stack it with the other products that I was taking. I got to say these product works great and I am finally just under 5% body fat today . Its a great feeling being shredded all year round . Every one ask me what steroids I take and I tell them nothing. I always just tell people in the gym that I use [Primal Muscle] for my supplements and advise I get from my advisor Jason. Nothing works better then the products this company offers.

- Mike Cohen

  New York

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