"It is amazing"

My name is Steve Mansfield and I am 56 years old. I have a five year Bachelor of Science degree in health and fitness with a thirty year continuum of postgraduate studies in related fields. My philosophy is based on very intense training that totally exhausts the targeted muscles, therefore creating a huge demand for test and HGH, as well resulting in inflammation. In fact, I have to monitor the inflammation but I seldom take an anti-inflammatory. I want my body to know it needs repair. However, at times I have to resort to active release and deep tissue massage to help with recovery from excess inflammation. Training this way also keeps the cardio up and helps me to stay under 8 percent body fat year round. I do not believe in bulking up phases. For me, bulking up is just another excuse to eat more cheesecake and Twinkies. I eat clean year round with a cheat day coming about every ten days. I am currently at 235 ponds and 6.5% body fat. I also do mild cardio 3-5 times weekly for 30 minutes to an hour. My favorite thermogenic for contest prep is Triatherm. It is amazing...Stay tuned as I expect some great gains as I make the shift to even more great products.

- Steve M.

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