"I would highly recommend"

"I am a 52 year old female, fighting that middle age bulge. A body builder in my younger years, I have found the aging process to be quite hard to accept and a real battle. I used HGH injectable for 8 months until the price became too expensive, so I went looking for an alternative way to fight the body fat and muscle wasting. I began taking the Tridenosen H 3 weeks ago, I immediately had more energy and ambition. Within 2 weeks I noticed growth increase in my legs muscles, without any hard core exercise, just the basic toning. I did not appreciate the true extent of what has occurred in my body, until last week when we were hit with 20 inches of snow in one day and more the following day... I have a flat roof patio, a 30 foot long drive way with a steep incline up to the road, plus an additional patio that had to be shoveled. I dont have a snow blower so I shoveled for 2-5 hours. The next day, after new snow fell a roommate began helping me, (a GUY) and at 2 hours he began to whine about being tired and sore. He asked me why I wasnt exhausted or too sore to move... I told him I thought it was the Tridenosen H™, He laughed at me, SO I said, Dude, feel my thighs,” He tried to pinch me and couldnt.. SO I said, Feel my butt,” He said, "Damn women, its like a rock, can I feel it again?” I shoveled snow for 3 days in a row. Chopped up ice burms, plain hard work for an old chick like me. I feel great!! Even my biceps have increased. I am turning into a little hulkster now. Not quite what I planned on but impressive. I would highly recommend Tridenosen H to any women looking to tone up, any women in training, and of course any guy who wants to add more bulk. I have not noticed any adverse effects... No racing heart, no sleep disturbance, just an increase in muscle size and endurance.

Thanks for the Great advice!"

- Mary P.

  Spokane WA

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