"I have jumped to the next level"

[Primal Muscle],

Thanks for taking a real interest in my progress this season. As a multisport athlete over 50 years old recovery and training become a huge challenge. Each year my goal is to improve in both speed but in lean mass as well. After several consultations with you and adopting the plan of using Tridenosen H and Cortesten I am pleased to report I have jumped to the next level. My body fat level is where is was last season by the very end and we are only at the start of race season. Secondly I have the energy to now do the Olympic distance events which I really thought were outside my abilities. I cannot thank you enough for listening carefully to my needs on recovery, endurance, speed, and leanness. By applying what you have taught me I am having my best race season even though I am well past my prime. I plan to finish this season in September and make a personal record for my final race. Every product I have ordered from you has performed as advertised which is far more than I can report from most firms.

Thanks again for helping me reach my fitness goals,

-  David M.

   54 Year old triathlete


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