"I felt jacked up and way stronger"

“I used MesoFX, Tridenosen H, as well as Aspartalone. I worked out for four months I went from 150 to 170. Just with four protein shakes a day and as much food as I can put down. My bench went from 125 - 130  too 175-200 my curl went from 60 to 120 on the bar.free weights I went from curling 35 to 55 lbs my dead lift was 120 to 160-170 and my shoulder shrugs went from 45-55 up to get this 200 plus no joke. I never really worked out in high school so I was shocked to be lifting as much as I am. Back in high school I was to sick after getting fixed up in the hospital I went up to 150 from 120 . I started using MesoFX, Tridenosen H, Aspartalone and within the first two months I felt jacked up and way stronger more stamina for the gym, I’d work out hard for an hour in a half I couldn’t slow down let alone stop!”

-  Corey S.

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