"I am leaner, stronger, bigger"

"Before my 3 bottles of MesoFX™ & 2 bottles of Lipotase™ I worked out 4 days a week, ate about 3,000 calories a day, & did heavy weight of about 6-8 reps with only 8-12 sets per muscle. I was 201 lbs & was somewhere between %28-%30 body fat. I am now 219 lbs & only %19 body fat. My bench press went from 355 lbs to 426 lbs. My squat went up 82 lbs as well. I am leaner, stronger, bigger & all around better than ever before after only one stack of 3 MesoFX™ & 2 Lipotase™. Now I'm on a new stack of Aspartalone™ & Androxybol™. After 3 bottles of MesoFX™ & 2 bottles of Lipotase™”

- Cody H.

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