"Got a lot of people's attention"

"Got my supps on a Friday, took the Halosite17™, Tridenosen H and Oral Testibol and stacked them with Cell-Mass and Hyper Growth Formula (protein and IGF-1).  I’ve also been taking Animal Pack, and EAS Myoplex RTD shakes with 42 grams of protein.

I had been taking the other stuff before this arrived for a couple weeks, and my workouts were very good, an average of over 50,000 lbs in an hour of lifting.  I’ve moved from strictly powerfliting to endurance/strength lifting. Well the next morning I had a back routine, and the weights range from fairly light with a lotta reps (100’s) to moderate for about 50 reps to heavier for 25-30 all the way to superhuman heavy for about 5. I did pull-downs, seated rows, bent rows, weighted back extensions and machine ab crunches. The total weight I moved in 60 minutes was a staggering 100,575 lbs!! The supps I got from you were the right mix and stacked with my other arsenal, locked in like a guided missile and I trained like a demon unleashed from a prison. It got a lot of people’s attention.

Then on Sunday, I did a chest routine and in an hour I moved over 65,000 lbs. A FRICKIN’ CHEST ROUTINE!!!! Talk about strength, and I don’t do regular bench, I do CAMBER BAR benches with heavy weights. My best was a couple years ago at 455 lbs for 2 reps on camber bar (also thanks to Tridenosen H, Oral Testibol & Power n’ Speed.).

Now today, Tuesday, I did a bi/tri/upperchest/lat routine and in an hour I’ve move over 85,000 lbs!! I’ve added about 4 lbs to my muscle mass in the last few days, and I know this is only the beginning. I’m hitting a very pumped and solid 270 lbs and the goal is 285 lbs solid."

~ Rich K.

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