"Completely satisfies me"

Too Old? Yeah Right, He’s Just Getting Started! I am a 46 year old man using your products for the past 6 months. I have many awards under my belt including WNBF Nationals Champion at 181 lbs I benched 365 and have a National record. I am now training for October 21st for another bench press show. My goal is 400 lbs and I am at 380 right now. I know by using your product I will reach my goal with now problem. I train at Premier Fitness in Nanuet, New York and I am on Team Torque Captain by Brian Fahrenfeld. The products I am using are Tridenosen H, Blitz Cycle, ProMagnon-25, and Power-N-Spreed. I have 25 years experience in power lifting and body building and have never come across products like these before. The size and strength I am at weighting only 190 lbs is unbelievable. I am shoulder pressing 120 lb dumbbells for 12 reps and also doing stand –up curls with 85 lb dumbbells. For my back, I am doing pull downs to my chest using 260 lbs. The most I have ever done with this exercise using other products was 190 lbs and I want to thank you Josh for all the help you have given me and I will let everyone know how I make out on October 21st. One more thing, all the weight I have put on is pure muscle. My shoulders, arms, chest, and back are all vascular as if I were dieting for a body building show, yet I have 3 times the strength looking like a body builder. I have been approached by all the younger guys in the gym that can’t believe the weight I am moving around at my age, which completely satisfies me with your products. I can’t thank you guys enough.


- Jeff P.

  Congers, New York

(PS: My fiancé thinks I look fantastic and can’t believe how strong I have gotten.)


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