"Best supplements I could have ever found"

"All of us guys out there always had a super hero that they wanted to be. Not necessarily one with super powers, but definitely one with super strength. I became a United States Marine in 2002 and was Honorably discharged in 2006. During my time of service I had to stay strong. I mean lean and mean. None of this I'm tired crap, or I hurt b.s. We were straight up balls to the wall bulletproof. I was only weighing about 185 lbs. I was strong but still lacked the mass of the image I wanted to be like. Needless to say once I was discharged my workouts slowly but surely decreased. I got married had a couple of kids. You know the story man it happens to the best of us right? Well we finally made it to 2013 and just like many, my new years resolution was to really focus on building my body the way I always wanted. Rock hard, deep cuts, vascular and veined out. This year i want to be feared. I want people to be like damn what the hell is that dude on? He looks like he escaped from a cage! Well I'm 6 weeks in and all I can say is WOW! I am totally transforming. I am actually from Murrieta Ca but for the next 9 weeks I will be finishing my training as a commercial diver here in Seattle. So while I finish school I am on a strict diet and workout program, and of course taking the best supplements I could have ever found. And I'm not talking steroids ladies and gents, I'm talking about a few products from PRIMAL MUSCLE. For the past 6 weeks I have been taking Primo 33, Tridenosen H, Androxybol, and I just put an order in for 2 more bottles of Tridenosen H, the new CorTESTin, and the newly formulated Oral Testibol, which is supposed to be INSANE POWER unlike anything legal out there man. I was skeptical at first about the products, because now-a-days you just never know. Marketing and fancy labels who knows what your getting for your money. That attitude changed though after I called Primal Muscle and spoke with Josh Baria. I tell you what that dude knows his stuff. He answered any question I had. He emailed me workouts and helped me with my diet. I could never find that type of service at any other supplement sales store ever. I mean this dude knows his stuff. Josh recommended the products I am currently taking after figuring out what my goals were and I couldn't have been happier with my results thus far. I will be loyal to Primal Muscle and keep Josh as my coach because Primal Muscles products and their muscle building experts like Josh Baria are phenomenal. I am now weighing 200 lbs with 4-5% bf. After my next cycle of cortestin, Oral Testibol and Tridenosen H. I should be maintaining 210 lbs. Solid and shredded."

- Jamie T.

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