Warrior Chest Training

Warrior Chest Training

Let’s talk about challenges. Life is full of them, without a doubt. Some days, it can be challenging just getting out of bed. Other days, the only challenge is finding something to stop you, as you’re feeling strong and ready for anything. Whatever your attitude may be regarding challenges, there is no doubt they provide a great way to push your body to new boundaries, leading to new gains in strength, performance, and muscle size and shape.

Let’s discuss warrior chest training today, using bench press and chin-ups in a new repetition super-set scheme which will push your upper body development and performance to the absolute limits! 

Before we discuss the chest (and back) warrior challenge for today, a few rules and guidelines for challenges should be noted. First off, you should plan your use of challenges. Don’t pull them out on a whim. Plan for their use. Build up to them.

If you want to attempt today’s chest/back challenge as part of warrior chest training, then you will want to endure a solid 6 weeks of chest training before this, to be assured your muscles, joints and tendons are ready for it. Clear your mind and your schedule to make sure no distractions stand in your way. 

Be sure to fully warm up before attempting this or any challenge. Injuries don’t just ruin the day – they can ruin your week, month, or even negatively impact years of your training, growth and progress. Warrior training channels inner strength and endurance, but also places your body at risk, since you’re doing things past your comfort zone, with which you aren’t familiar or often prepared. Don’t train for injury here – train for greatness while maintaining a smart approach to what you are doing. 

Are you ready for the “CrissCross” Challenge? Let’s dive in!

Today you’ll be choosing two exercises. Let’s roll with the bench press and chin-ups for this article. You will completing ten alternating sets of each of these movements.

Start with chins – for one repetition. Follow that with bench press – for 10 repetitions.  Complete those two without stopping. For set 3, you’ll return to the chin-up, this time for TWO repetitions. Note that you are adding 1 to the number.

For set #4, you’re returning to the bench press. This time, you’ll only be completing NINE repetitions. Note the odd number movements add a rep each time, and the even number movements (chest) subtract a number each time. You’ll end up doing 55 repetitions of each exercise.  You must complete all of these ten bi-sets in a period of 20 minutes. Always use a spotter when completing these movements.

Your basic foundation of strength, present when you’re training with predictable movements, is going to get thrown out the window as your chest, back, arms and shoulders start to grow shaky.  Accommodate for this by using a spotter and paying very close attention to what you are doing.  Leave the headphones and the smart phone in the locker – and focus upon balancing and guiding that weight!

At the conclusion of these monster sets, you are going to be exhausted. This challenge should leave your entire upper body scorched. Consider this your chest & back workout for the week, at least the first time you complete it. Don’t plan on doing it again on Wednesday if you’re knocking this out on a Monday. Your body isn’t used to this kind of high set, fluctuating repetition range work, and you’ll need greater recovery factors early on to be assured you can rest and recover adequately. You may even want to consider adding a rest day following this challenge, along with plenty of stretching and massage to break up the lactic acid which will invariably build up as a result of your training efforts.

As with any challenge we discuss here at Primal Muscle, you are going to be pushing your body to new boundaries. You’ll be asking more of your performance than you’ve ever done before, in terms of high repetition pressing and chinning.  As a result, your pre- and post-workout factors are going to have to be dialed in, beyond belief. In the 24 hours BEFORE your workout, you will want to consume a good amount of the right kinds of carbohydrates to fuel your workout

Post-workout recovery and nutrition is no joke, either! On the nutrition end, you will have to spike your protein along with some carbs for faster delivery/shuttling following your workout. Many muscle fibers will be beaten to a pulp with this challenge, and they’ll be ripe for some amino acid delivery following training. Choose a whey protein shake about ten minutes after your workout is complete. Its low fat content assures fast delivery to your muscle fiber in order to capitalize upon this anabolic window of growth.

The 48 hours following a tough workout are the most important.  In addition to eating the right foods, you will want to get plenty of rest as well. Your body releases growth hormone and other recovery compounds when you’re sleeping, not while you are at the gym or eating. If you feel the need to take a nap – take one!

If you’re just feeling run down, your central nervous system is likely asking you to skip going to the club that evening, and to give it a rest with a nice steak and some binge watching of the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Listen to your body in the time following challenge training, in terms of nutrition and rest, and give your body every possible advantage so that you can excel in your next workout challenge, which should only be a week or two away.  Good luck!

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