How To Harness The Power Of Ultra-Deep Muscle Fiber Recruitment

How To Harness The Power Of Ultra-Deep Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Did You Know You’re Currently Only Using About 65%-70% of Your Available Muscle Fibers To Grow Bigger, Faster And Stronger?

If you’ve ever sat down and watched coverage of the Olympic Games, you know that the 100 meter dash is the marquee event of the entire games!


Because it’s the most “athletic” of all events!  In plain English, most sports experts agree the ability to run extraordinarily fast is the benchmark of raw athletic talent because nearly every sport involves running!

So, what’s “running fast” have to do with you building big muscles?  Well, nothing, except I’m using this sport to illustrate that regardless of how amazing these sprinters are, they still could be even faster, and when you learn why, you will be able to transfer this “logic” into building a physique that will completely astound you… without ever touching a performance enhancement agent of any kind.

The Little Known Secret To
Explosive New Muscle Growth!

Now here’s something that you probably don’t know; even the fastest sprinters in the world running the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds only recruit about 65 – 70% of their available fibers when their brain makes a “command” to recruit muscle fibers per their particular sport.

The same is true with guys like Michael Jordan when he would make a “brain, body” command to dunk, he was only recruiting about 70% (at best) of his total muscle fibers!

This means that 30% remained “unrecruited”, which means all athletes are leaving lots of performance “on the table”… including you!

Now, in your particular case, as someone who is looking to pack on more muscle, you desperately need to “tap” these reserve fibers as much as possible because they haven’t been stimulated to grow… yet!  And the reason most athletes “can’t touch” these fibers is because they simply “run out of gas” before they can be activated or recruited.

For example:
Let’s say that you’re “maxed out” on curls and can strictly curl 100 pounds for 8 reps… but in knowing the “scientific fact” that even the strongest and most explosive athletes recruit only 65 - 70% of their fibers… you are a long way from reaching your potential!

The Solution is To “Fill Your Tank”
With As Much ATP As Possible

But imagine for a moment if you could “suddenly” grind out 4 - 8 more reps per set… plus increase your set “volume” by 4 - 5 sets per workout!  Now instead of doing 10 sets at 8  reps, you are able to do 15 sets at 12 - 15 reps with the same 100 pound weight!

Now calculate the total amount of extra weight being lifted during this workout (in this case nearly 1,000 pounds) and it’s easy to understand that you have to be recruiting lots of latent muscle fibers… or you wouldn’t be able to do so much more volume training!

However, ATP is like gasoline for muscle! It is pure cellular energy, and the “lack” of it is the real reason you eventually have to stop all sets. And, if you’ve ever taken ATP you know how magical it is.

But the good news is, now you don’t have to have a cardiologist as a friend or take Anavar (which is expensive AND illegal), you can take pharmaceutically coated ATP that is extremely bio-available. And, you will literally become a “repping machine”.  Pounding out so many reps you’ll be sore every workout!  And you want to be “sore” after every workout because this means you have “torn down” new fibers that will repair and grow from all the protein you take.

How To Get Your Hands On
More ATP Than You Can
Shake A Stick At

There now exists an ultra-hardcore muscle building agent from Australia called TridenosenH™ and it is the most powerful orally administered ATP agent on the market! Each pharmaceutically coated caplet contains a huge dose of pure ATP.

Now the pharmaceutical coating of ATP is extremely important because ATP is a very, very sensitive chemical and is easily destroyed by gastric acids in the stomach!  And the great news is, TridenosenH™ contains extremely high concentrations of this special pharmaceutically coated ATP! 

So by taking 6 - 8 a day, you are getting massive amounts of this energy substrate. So imagine how you’ll grow after tapping all those unused fibers!  Plus, high levels of ATP are also believed to increase nitrogen retention… so TridenosenH™ can be extremely anabolic as well!

So give this new ATP/Pre-Workout strategy a call and let us know how it goes!

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