Does Your Pre-Workout Pass The Test?

Does Your Pre-Workout Pass The Test?

Pre-workout supplements are all the rage these days… they build muscle, burn fat, help you get stronger and max out endurance, right?

Well - as with most things in life, it depends.

A solid pre-workout boosts performance and jacks up your intensity levels so you can attack the weight-pile with focused-intensity and squeeze out every last rep to get 100% out of every workout.

Let’s face it, sometimes mustering up the energy to crush it in the gym can be rough. We’re all super busy, we don’t get enough sleep, and there are just way too many new shows to watch on Netflix.

So turning to a pre-workout supplement makes a lot of sense. But buyer beware… there are a lot of nasty pre-workout supplements out there.

But never fear - leave it to your bud’s at Primal Muscle to help you navigate the pre-workout market and ensure you’re getting the best GAINZ for your buck. So without further ado - here is what to look out for.

1. Greed & “Me Too” Products

The majority of pre-workout drinks on the market are put out by companies trying to milk every last dollar of profit from the customer - but without ANY regard to how effective their product may or may not be.

It’s pretty easy to see that pre-workouts are hot sellers, so we’re seeing a ton of Johnny-come-lately companies putting out some cheapo garbage just to dip their toe in the supplement market.

I am all for making a profit - but it needs to be a win-win. If the customer loses, ultimately the company loses too. Primal Muscle has been around since before Google (true story) - we have seen lots of companies come and go - and 9/10 the reason why is greed.

Serve the customer, and they will take care of you.

And on that note...

2. Pixie Dusting + Proprietary Formulas = Weaksauce

So I’m gonna let you in on a little supplement industry secret - it’s called pixie dusting. This is when a company creates a “secret” formula loaded with a bunch of stuff, and then doesn’t list the amounts in each.

I have no real issue with proprietary formulas - but more often than not, they are used to HIDE weak formulas. You see, some of these ingredients are pricey (especially the effective ones) - but the formula is not as sexy without it, so what does a greedy company do in a situation like this?

Pixie dust.

That means sprinkle a little in there for good measure just to say it’s in there. But there is no way you are going to get any effect from that miniscule amount.

Pixie dusting and underdosing in general is a HUGE issue for most supplements. And you would be SHOCKED if I told you which pre-workouts fit this description. I don’t like to trash other companies - but suffice it to say, you’ve DEFINITELY heard of them.

3. Glorified Meth

Another fairly serious issue in the supplement space is the trend of pre-workouts that are basically just “churched up” meth.


There have been several notable companies over the last 5-10 years that been busted for loading their “pre workout” supplements with ingredients that have mostly been used as party drugs.

Sure - getting fired up for a workout is important - but so is performance and the after-effects. Most of these formulas do not even have a decent amount of actual performance enhancement ingredients included in the formula - they are just stimulants.

If you have to get so “turnt up” on stims just to get a workout in, you’re either a candy-ass or you’re doing something really wrong.

A little stimulant is good - a lot is not.

4. Packed With Garbage

From fillers to super crazy artificial flavors (candy apple gummy worm we’re looking at you), to sweeteners that disrupt gut health, and could possibly make you fat - there is just a lot of bad stuff crammed into most pre-workout drinks.

Let’s face it - some of these raw ingredients taste like ass - so we need to mask it with some flavor and sweetener - but a lot of these products just go WAY overboard, and end up compromising a solid formula with dyes and chemicals that you probably should not be drinking regularly.

5. Reviews

While this issue is not specifically about pre-workout supplements, it still an issue nevertheless.

In this day and age, a lot of us buy a ton of stuff online, I myself have a wicked Amazon habit. But being that I do buy a ton of stuff online and I run a business that sells online - I have seen the evil ways marketers try and trick people into buying their stuff.

This is done mostly by inflating their reviews.

You see, it’s pretty easy to buy reviews these days. And all those hundreds (or thousands) of 5-star reviews can make a company’s products look DAMN good to the untrained eye.

So good in fact, you just may buy a pre-workout rife with all the problems mentioned above and get no results, or worse yet, have a real issue with it.

I’m not saying all reviews are fake - but if you start reading some of them, you’ll see what I mean. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck - it’s probably a fake review.

Great - So What Now?

OK - well all that sucked… so what’s an honest GAINZ-seeking citizen like you supposed to do when it comes to finding a solid pre-workout?

Well - I think one of the most important things to look for when evaluating a company’s products is their return policy.

If they are so confident that they will put their money where their mouth is and give you a full refund if you don’t like one of their products… that’s a great sign.

After all - if they know their product sucks, are they going to make it easy for you to get your money back? Heck no… they are going to make you jump through some serious hoops, or in some cases not give your hard-earned cash back at all.
So this would be a perfect time to insert a shameless plug for Primal Muscle SURGE.

We’ve been selling this stuff for years - our clients LOVE IT. It fires you up, gets great results and tastes pretty decent.

Plus - like I mentioned before - if you pick some up and don’t absolutely love it… let us know, we’ll get your money back to you.

Here at Primal Muscle, we guarantee results.

Give us a shot - you won’t be disappointed.

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