20 Fat Loss Tips You've Never Seen

20 Fat Loss Tips You've Never Seen

We’ve all heard that same old “eat less, exercise more” rules for cutting body fat.  And while you know they may be true, putting them into practice isn’t always easy. So instead, you should check out these very cool & creative new techniques for losing body fat. You probably haven’t heard of most of them!

Trick your body with more water

Drink one full glass of water before every meal and every snack. Your stomach will actually be tricked into thinking you are fuller than you actually are. Stop eating once you reach that point of feeling full in order to avoid your stomach being stretched too far.  Doing so will ruin you physique’s “V-taper”.

Stop overlooking vegetables

Just as with drinking more water, adding a handful of vegetables to each meal will help to feel fuller, while adding far fewer calories to your daily intake. The added fiber from the vegetables will also aid in your digestion and boost your immune system, meaning you’ll be missing less gym time and building greater consistency!

Recruit your S.O.

Most of us complain that we don’t spend enough time with our girlfriend, husband, or other significant other. Most of us also complain that we don’t train enough. Why not combine the two aspects and train WITH your partner? The time will be enjoyable and stress-free, and you’ll both get into better shape as a result!

Turkey time

Many lifters have found great success in their fat burning efforts by replacing the beef and chicken in their diet with turkey. Extremely high protein and low in fat, ground turkey is a terrific option for swapping out while in a cutting phase. And of course, variety is always a good thing for the dieter!

Treat yourself

There’s nothing wrong with a plate of pancakes or scoop of ice cream now and then when you’re dieting.  Your metabolism will love the boost, your mental state will celebrate the delicious food, and you’ll be back to your fat burning ways in just a few hours.  The key is to choose small portions, consume them early in the day, quench your cravings then avoid repeating this practice for another month!

Throw the numbers out the window

Stop thinking in terms of calories, grams and pounds. Use the mirror to measure the changes you are seeing in your body. Many lifters get caught up in measuring every micro-gram of their dietary input, and neglect their overall appearance. Use your eyes – the bodybuilding judges will be doing the same!

Alcohol for muscle definition

Without a doubt, alcohol can hold back your fat-burning efforts if you’re chugging beers when you should be drinking protein shakes and dieting down. However, on the day of a bodybuilding show, many bodybuilders at the higher level do consume just a few sips of red wine in order to enjoy the dehydration and subsequent thin-skinned look which appears as a result. 

Walgreens for ECA

Without a doubt, ECA (25 mg ephedrine + 200 mg caffeine + 250 mg aspirin) has been one of the most popular and effective fat burners used by athletes for many years. However, given the ban, many athletes have been unable to locate the very valuable ephedrine. What most don’t know is that it is sold at many Eckerd’s and Walgreen’s stores as asthma medicine. Buy moderately and use safely!

Take your Vitamin D

Your body burns body fat much more efficiently if you’re not vitamin D deficient. It only costs a few bucks a month to take a daily vitamin D tablet. You’ll be leaner, healthier, and cover all your bases at the same time! 

Park further away

Always choose the parking spot which is the furthest from the entrance. No matter where you are – work, store, church, school – you should always walk the furthest distance possible. You’ll burn a few more calories each trip which will add up!

Take a challenge

Most gyms offer those cheesy “weight loss challenges” each year in the spring and fall, and most of us roll our eyes at them. However, the motivation of a cash prize may just be enough to help you put down the taco at 11pm and pick up a casein protein shake instead.

Chop it up

Many bodybuilders admit that by using chopsticks to eat every meal, they have been able to take smaller bites (which is excellent for the digestive process) and eat much slower, which helps them to eat slower. This results in fewer calories consumed and greater body fat lost. 


Net zero calorie foods such as celery can be very filling. And you burn more calories chewing and digesting it than you actually gain from the food itself. There’s a win-win for you!

At the table

Cut your food into very small bites. Set down your utensils own after each bite.  Drink a sip of water after each bite. Chew every bite completely. Basically, slow your dining down to a crawl. These simple practices may greatly reduce the amount of overall calories you are consuming – give it a try! 

Hot sauce

Zero fat, minimal sodium, and plenty of OUCH! Add hot sauce to all of your meals, and you may discover that you eat a lot less food. This may sound crazy to those who absolutely despise the stuff… but the casual diner may find this advice to be very helpful!

Buy a swimsuit that is too small

You’ve probably never heard this one before. If you want to be a size 4, then go buy that size 4 swimsuit. Try it on.  Curse as you realize it doesn’t fit you anymore. Repeat daily!  You’ll learn to hate that swimsuit hanging in your bedroom or your bathroom – but you’ll also have a very good, TANGIBLE and visible reason to make better food and exercise choices each day.

Netflix:Cardio requirement

You love watching Netflix each night (or HBO, or Hulu, or..) Make an agreement with yourself that you are ONLY allowed to turn it on if your feet are moving on that treadmill. After a while, the two will be automatic and you’ll enjoy the advanced mental attention and focus that comes with cardio.  It’ll be your own little escape time!


Boost your energy and focus. Fill your stomach.  And consume zero net calories. Drink coffee early in the day for awesome workouts, but stop by 3pm unless you want to be awake all night!

6pm cutoff

Many athletes have great success by employing a 6pm cutoff. Each day, halt all solid food consumption at 6pm sharp. Even if that means you’re pigging out at 5:30pm… it’ll also mean you’re limiting yourself entirely to bottled water, protein shakes, and smoothies for the next 5 to 6 hours… which will be a major win for your fat loss efforts!  

Share the word

Expectations are a very powerful thing.  If you tell others around you about your plans to shed a few pounds, you will be much more likely to actually follow through on your efforts. They’ll be cheering you on, and you’ll feel a little extra pressure or nudge to put down the peanut butter cups and pick up a piece of celery when the munchies hit you at 9pm.

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