5 Nutritional Breakthroughs To Make Greater Gains

February 08, 2016 David McAuliff

header-Greater-Gains A new year is upon us, and once again, the sports nutritional world is making major breakthroughs in terms of the way supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, spices, and more can be used to help us perform better in the gym, and recover faster following tough workouts.  Let’s check out a few bodybuilding nutritional breakthroughs we can employ for our own gains! Greater-Gains-01 Beta-Alanine for Greater Muscle Endurance Are you targeting the slow-twitch muscle fibers which are typically hit when you’re moving up in the repetition range of 12 to 20 reps per set?   If so, you should consider using Beta-Alanine supplements to boost your muscle capacity and thus performance endurance! A simple dose of 5 grams is all you need to last longer during those tough training sessions. Massive carb spikes – worse than we thought The bodybuilder has always been told to eat more, smaller meals, as opposed to fewer large meals.  Six meals a day always trumps 3 big meals.  And now we have even more reasons available!  Studies have shown large jumps in blood sugar, affecting the glycemic index, and can lead to a greater risk of type-2 diabetes, something about which most bodybuilders should be particularly cognizant.  Keep the meals small! Greater-Gains-04 Eat in order Studies have shown that eating your foods in a particular order can have a profound effect upon the way they are used by the body in terms of blood sugar management.  Consume protein & vegetables first – followed by your complex carbohydrates. This will lead to better regulated blood sugars, which will positively affect the systems of your body in many ways! Ginger! The best friend, and worst enemy, of the bodybuilder, is inflammation.  We train hard and our muscles become insanely inflamed.  We use supplements, rest, and nutrition to reduce this inflammation so that our muscles can grow bigger and stronger.  Did you know that the use of the supplement ginger can help to reduce both soreness and inflammation?  Just 2 grams per day is all you need!  Give it a shot, record your results, and see if ginger is the missing link in your recovery process. Greater-Gains-03 Antioxidants help T levels The goal of every wise bodybuilder is the facilitation of greater testosterone production.  And as many systems in the body are related, there is a definite proven correlation between the use of anti-oxidants and the body’s testosterone metabolism abilities. Get your Vitamins E and C from both foods and supplemental forms – embrace this connection and help keep your T-levels as high as possible! Always keep your eyes out for nutritional articles as they run thru your numerous social media feeds.  In the old days, you may have just discounted these pieces of info as “old people” stories for those closely watching their health.  Today, you are wiser, and you know that many of these nutritional breakthroughs can have a direct impact upon your bodybuilding performance and gains.  Put them to work!

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