Boost Your T Levels By Adding ONE Simple Nutrient

February 08, 2016 David McAuliff

boost-t-levels-header We're always looking for ways to reach our muscle and strength building goals faster.  We analyze our progress in the gym with the weights we are moving, and we use the mirror, tape measure and other tools to measure how lean we're becoming as body fat levels drop.  But most athletes fail to look even deeper, at blood mineral levels to determine if any deficiencies exist.  However, those that do often discover magnesium levels are not optimal. When they begin supplementing with magnesium, they soon discover some pretty terrific results which certainly help move along their bodybuilding goals. Let's look at a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding magnesium. First off, what is magnesium? Magnesium is, of course, an element found in the human body. People use magnesium in many forms, from laxatives to vitamins and antacids. Magnesium can "settle nerves" by stabilizing abnormal exitation of nerves. Mineral water is a rich source of magnesium, as are many supplements.  For the average sedentary person, magnesium is a mineral that your body needs in order to function optimally.  For the lifter, it is imperative! boost-t-levels-01 What are the advantages of taking magnesium? Magnesium needs to be present in order for the body to produce the anabolic hormones we love so much - testosterone and IGF-1. Magnesium is used to allow cardiac and nervous system cellular function. Low levels of magnesium area associated with muscle weakness. And in associative studies, those who consumed foods high in magnesium enjoyed higher body levels of testosterone and IGF-1. Simply put, if you want higher T levels, you need to be sure you're consuming adequate magnesium. Any deficit at all means you can't gain muscle - so the importance of its role in your diet cannot be emphasized enough. What does a magnesium deficiency look like? An inadequate intake of magnesium leads to, well, a magnesium deficiency. Most people can correct this using magnesium supplement or just boost their dietary intake. Foods rich in magnesium include fruit, raw nuts, soybeans, leafy green vegetables, and of course, mineral water!  A staggering 57% of people in America don't consume enough magnesium each day to meet the US RDA requirements - and this includes many bodybuilders! How much magnesium should I be taking each day? According to the US RDA, people should be consuming 350 mg of magnesium each day.  The use of a supplement is very popular with athletes in the weight room as well as in many other sports arenas. boost-t-levels-02 Will magnesium alone boost my T-levels? Keep in mind that while magnesium supplementation is important, you'll also need to employ solid health practices in all other areas in order to build up muscle and improve your testosterone levels.  Use other T-level boosting supplements such as Mesobolin.  Sleep 8 hours each night.  Enjoy 2 to 3 actual rest days each week.  Keep stress levels to a minimum.  Enjoy a daily multi-vitamin, and use B, C, E and mineral supplements to ensure your magnesium levels are always optimal for the muscle and strength building process.

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