Live Longer & Look Better Naked!

Live Longer & Look Better Naked!

Most standard bodybuilding and fitness articles make a major assumption, and it is one which doesn’t apply to the vast majority of people reading it… that the goal of training, nutrition & supplementation is to win bodybuilding titles and trophies.

Sure, the physiques we see in magazines have titles and accolades, but 99% of the people reading those mags and hitting the weights in the gym have no desire to compete and will never step onstage. Despite this fact, most articles seem to be written solely for the competitive athlete. As everything in bodybuilding/fitness is goal-oriented, doesn’t it seem weird that articles are written for 1% of readers, not for 100% of readers? Well, it’s time to change that. Let’s define a goal that every lifter shares, no matter who you are.

The goals are clear – and everyone seems to share them. You want to live longer and look better naked, and you wish to use cardiovascular and weight training to achieve these goals. You have this goal in common with EVERYONE else in the gym – everyone wants to live longer and look better without clothes while living longer, even if they won’t admit it. Let’s check out some ways you can adjust your training, diet and supplementation to live longer and look better naked!

Don’t go to extremes

We’ve all seen the dieters who drop 40 pounds in 2 months, losing all of their muscle in an effort to ‘get ripped’. And we’ve all witnessed the massive perma-bulkers who add 40 pounds to their frame in 2 months, in an effort to get ‘massive’. Both are thinking for the short game, ignoring the long-term negative benefits of putting their bodies through such intense stressors.

Additionally, when it comes to the eye test, they’re failing in that area as well! Nobody wants to see a decimated bone rack without a shirt, and they sure don’t want to see someone carrying 30% body fat either.  Make your gains slow and steady for gradual results that look good year-round!

Caffeine is okay!

Caffeine provides a laundry list of positive benefits for the athlete, and for everyday people in general! Reductions in Parkinson's, heart disease, strong, and liver cancers are seen in people that drink coffee on a regular basis. In addition, their training is benefitted as well, with greater energy levels and focus.

Plus, it helps get you leaner as well.  If you like coffee –drink it! Just be careful adding too much cream or sugar! Caffeine can be a bodybuilder's best friend - In moderation!

Stay hydrated
Water is the building block for all things life – from the biceps muscles you want fully hydrated to peak at their tallest, down to the cells that make up your body’s tissue. Drink 8 to 12 cups of water each day for standard hydration.  If you’re engaging in various sports or intense weight/cardiovascular training, then you should be drinking a gallon of water or more each day.

Vitamins are essential

Most bodybuilders are well aware of the fact that taking vitamins can lead to greater bodybuilding results. Vitamin B gives you energy. Vitamin C keeps your immune system strong. Vitamin D helps you to lose fat. However, beyond the results you can see are those you cannot – organ function and overall body systems vitality. The vitamins you take provide that – giving you more reasons to take them daily!

Keep your goals clear

Many people in the gym show up consistently, year after year, and don’t change all that much. Their goals are muddy, so their training is unfocused as a result. They give great effort in the gym, but they’re never really clear on if they’re bulking, getting ripped, or just bouncing back and forth.

Keep clear gym goals AND clear health goals to ensure your blood levels are making progress just as the visible muscles and body fat levels are moving in the right direction as well. For most people, bodybuilding isn’t about the bodybuilding stage – it’s about having a great body and living many more decades to show it off! Train hard, enjoy moderation, take care of yourself and rest plenty – you’ll live long and look great doing it!

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