Kettlebell Greatness In Just Four Weeks

Kettlebell Greatness In Just Four Weeks

The kettlebell is a relatively new tool to the world of fitness. Sure, it’s been around in most gyms and CrossFit training centers for a year or three, but their prevalence among lifters and trainers isn’t all that great, considering their flexibility they offer.

All the benefits of a dumbbell and much, much more, you can use kettlebells to target muscle groups in ways that no other device in the gym can offer. Yet in most gyms, the kettlebell rack remains undisturbed and dusty, an obstruction blocking vain lifters from seeing the mirror as they awkwardly attempt to find new ways to shock their muscle groups with anything not called a kettlebell.

Underutilization is perhaps the greatest enemy of the lifter. When an amazing tool is at their disposal, but they ignore it due to fear, or ignorance, or a general unawareness of the potential of that tool – well, that’s not good at all. Today we’re going to give you the tools to improve your body strength and lean muscle mass levels using the kettlebell. First, let’s look at the workout.

For the next four weeks, you have a new training strategy. You are to move the kettlebell 2,500 times PER WEEK, for a total of 10,000 swings of the kettlebell for the month. Complete as many kettlebell swings as you can. Between sets, use simple movements such as overhead presses, chins and dips. Repeat every workout. Each workout, you will complete 500 kettlebell swings. Five workouts per week equals 2500 swings per week, for 4 weeks.

Use a weight that is easily manageable but becomes heavy and difficult to move at a point between 10 and 20 repetitions. Warm up thoroughly with a lighter weight. Never rush through this workout, even if it becomes tedious. Finally, stretch thoroughly following this training routine. The soreness you are going to see is going to be intense – so eat right, take your Mesobolin, and get plenty of rest if you want to see your best possible results!

Using this strategy, you will challenge your body in new and unheard of ways by targeting stabilizer muscles. These unique muscle fibers, recruited in compound movements but ignored in many isolation and machine movements, are targeted when training in new and unique ways utilizing balance and multiple muscle groups. Your stabilizer muscle will be targeted during these 4 weeks, and you will see new muscle growth as a result of this training.

It is important to understand that the most productive training strategy for you will stand out from among the options you are not currently putting into use. The body of the athlete is a remarkably adaptive collection of systems, and it will grow accustomed to any workout you throw at it, rather quickly. Give this Kettlebell training system a whirl for a month – the results may surprise you!

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