10 Secrets To Shredding & Getting Deep Cuts!

10 Secrets To Shredding & Getting Deep Cuts!

There’s no true secret to fat loss. Everything that will ever work for you in terms of shedding body fat is something that you’ve already heard.  Eat better, train smarter, take supplements, and most of all, manage the little things that add up to big fat loss over time. As we grow more and more comfortable in our workouts and habits, we often begin to stick with what is comfortable, what we know works reasonably well, and what fits into our lives. We get just as lean as is required to meet those demands.  If you’re ready to get more ripped than ever before, it is time to stop overlooking the top secrets for unlocking your body fat loss potential. Let’s dive in!

Early rise to cardio

The most effective time to complete your daily cardio is immediately upon waking in the morning.Your body will utilize stored body fat for the energy it needs to train, instead of sugars from the digestive system from food you’ve recently eaten. You can awake, grab a bottled water or non-caloric sweetened drink, and hop on the treadmill. The second-best time of the day to complete your cardio is right after weight training.

Fat burner then aerobics

If you’re looking for a very desirable hormone and metabolism eruption of fat loss, you should be taking your daily fat-burner immediately before undergoing your morning cardio session. The fat loss process will be exasperated by the workout and the positive, thermogenic, fat-burning effects will last longer as a result. 

Keep water intake high

Drink more water to keep your metabolism boosted. Studies have shown the metabolism actually spikes very quickly after drinking 2 cups of water – as much as 30% within a half-hour.  Imagine how much fat burning you are squandering by living in a dehydrated state. If you’re consuming a lot of caffeine each day, you are likely perpetually dehydrated as well.  Load up on water, and watch the metabolism rise.

Don’t forget the calcium

A simple dose of 800 mg calcium each day in supplement form boosts fat loss.  Supplementing with actual food from the dairy group (rich in calcium) actually has a more profound effect on fat loss. Many lifters overlook this very easy addition to their daily supplementation plan, and shed less than optimum body fat as a result.

Sleep more

As you may know, growth hormone is known as the Holy Grail when it comes to body fat loss. GH is secreted by the body when you are sleeping. If you aren’t sleeping enough, then you are not experiencing optimal GH release. You should be trying to get 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep each night.  Avoid stress at all costs as well.  Your daily lifestyle will introduce some level of worry, but excessive stress will lead to higher cortisol (the stress hormone) release, which gobbles up muscle and helps to preserve body fat.

Eat Protein With Every Meal

There is a wonderful thing known as TID, or “Thermogenesis Induced By Diet”, and protein-rich foods are proven to provide the macronutrient needed to boost the greatest amount of fat loss. TID for protein is five times that of carbs, and 12 times greater than fats. The body expends a great deal of energy digesting and processing protein, which means every bite of meat or fish burns way more calories than each bite of French fry or baked potato. To get your body’s furnace burning, you should be eating more protein!

Choose the best carbs

Those carbohydrate sources with the lower glycemic index are processed better by the body, resulting in greater fat loss. Insulin is secreted when carbs are consumed.  This leads to fat buildup. The lower the glycemic index in a carb, the lower the insulin release – and the leaner you become!

Eat More Meals

We used to be a people who were hunters and gatherers. It was always feast or famine.  You’d find a massive meal, then not eat again for a week. The body learned to realize no new meals were coming, and it conserved fat as a result, by slowing the metabolism thus burning less fuel. By eating more often, you assure your system that no such starvation is impending. As a result, your metabolism increases, T3/T4 levels spike, and fat is burned!

Keep the fructose for the mornings

Simple sugars from fruits give your body the glycogen you need to train and function.  However, they can also lead to greater body fat buildup. Your body’s glycogen deposits are empty in the mornings, which is why your body likely craves orange juice when you rise. Give the brain what it needs, then scale back the simple sugar carbs for the rest of the day.

Boost the reps!

High-intensity training utilizing repetitions in the range of 12 and up have a great effect upon body fat being burned by your body. The hormones noradrenaline and epinephrine are released when you train at high levels, causing lactic acid to be secreted at high levels. This also leads to a larger growth hormone release, another terrific precursor to fat loss. Train with high reps to get leaner!

Overall, the ideal fat loss scenario is one with many moving pieces. These pieces work in conjunction to create a steady stream of metabolic-boosting processes.  Take your supplements, stay hydrated, avoid stress, enjoy plenty of sleep, choose the right foods, and just keep showing up in the gym.  As long as you have all of the pieces in place, consistently training and keeping all factors steady will lead to an internal environment perfect for body fat loss. Good luck!

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