“Let me tell you, TridenosenH™ was amazing. The strength that it gave me to push harder without getting tired was out of this world. I was able to push myself much harder in my speed races, I could swear I felt like a racehorse. Thanks!*"

Aamir A
Teaneck, NJ

"Your products are amazing. I’ve been working out for years trying to get an unbelievable body with no real progress. A few weeks ago I started taking Oral Testibol™, and I had so much improvement that I had to start Aspartalone™, TridenosenH™, and Primo 33™. I feel like a wild animal in the gym my workouts are now so intense I can’t believe it. Your products have allowed me to break through my goals and push the bar higher than I ever thought possible. I have been able to workout six days a week because I have so much energy, and I’m looking forward to my next day in the gym to see how strong that I can get. I have recommended your products to all of my friends.*"

Andre J
Lynchburg, VA

"Just wanted to let you know that since I've started using your supplements, I've gone from 215 lbs to 250 lbs and still just as solid as I used to be. Can you imagine being over 250 lbs at 5'8"?! It's an awesome feeling! My lifts have all gone up dramatically, and I'm one of the strongest and hardest working guys at the gym. I love the looks I get from people who always ask me 'what I'm on.' Keep up the great work! And keep coming out with great products as well!*"

Andy P
Olathe, KS

"I have several goals with my body building. I was recommended Humatropin, from a Fitness Adviser. I recently joined the Armed Forces and have a body weight limit, and thought Humatropin would push me over that limit. But the adviser taught me a tip to use the Humatropin to cut up and burn off bodyfat. This isn't a message of me complaining. This is me taking time to recognize your Advisers and inform you of the best "sales person" I have interacted with through several sports supplement companies. Not only did he sell the products, but he gave me every bit of information I need for any goal, which means he knows every product. So thanks for the outstanding customer service and congrats of having one of the best Advisers around.*"

Angel R
Sierra Vista, AZ

"Eight weeks ago I started to use TridenosenH™ and Mesobolin™. In those eight weeks my bench went up 75lbs, squats 100lbs and all my other lifts went up sharply. In just eight weeks! I am 100% confident your products are the best I have ever used in my life to date. I am 58 years old and my body looks like I am 30 years old with all the muscle I have gained and all the fat I have lost. Even my waist went down 3 inches and I gained 15 pounds of solid muscle. I would recommend your products to anyone, because I know they work!*"

Bill S
Deerfield, MA

“Over the past ten years, I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on so called, 'take this, get huge in 30 days' type supplements that unethical (so called nutrition companies) were selling. The advertising claims these companies are pushing to the public (you), can be a lot of hyped up B.S. It’s usually all about their wallets (vitamin pimps and pushers). So, after doing years and years of my own research, partly as a guinea pig and partly as a bodybuilder, I will not ever recommend a product unless I have personally tried it and gotten the results when the product is consumed as per the directions on the label.

Finally, through reading, reading and more reading about the science behind a few natural products, I decided to give one in particular a “go”, its name is Mesobolin™, a product that was actually discovered by Russian scientists. I can truly tell you I was nothing short of blown away. The size and strength gains are astonishing, all while you are just continually sweating because you’re burning the fat... This stuff rocks.
I will always recommend this product, as I am extremely pleased with the results I’ve gotten, along with the professionalism I receive from my advisor.*”

Bobby B
Scottsdale, AZ

"I used the products Mesobolin and TridenosenH. A buddy of mine bought 2 bottles of each and gave me a bottle of each. I hit the gym and followed the 8 week monster mass guide from Primal Muscle. Between good eating, supplementing and sleep, I got massive results. My bench went from 315 to 345 within the first week for 12 reps. I love Mesobolin and it is insane because even if I cheat on a meal, it has your back. TridenosenH gives you good blood flow and endurance like no other supp I have ever tried. Awesome products guys, totally ready to try Humatropin!*"

Briar "Godzilla" B
Westville, IL

“Here's a pic of me in the final stages of our Ballroom competition after training and using Nitrox-ATP & Lipotase. This stuff rocks*'”

Carson H
Altamonte Springs, FL

"I work at MSSU in Joplin as a life drawing sculptor model. I have seen a change in my body with more energy and muscle. I have to stay in good shape for class and your products help greatly. I have been taking Nitrox-ATP and Oral Testibol, and they are great. I do more reps and people can see a difference in my body. I love what it has done for me. Keep up the good work.*"

Charlie S
Neosho, MO

"I have been using TridenosenH for about three months now and I gotta say this is the best supplement I have had in a long time... awesome recovery time and loads of stamina, it's great stuff and I hope it stays legit. Thanks for making a great product.*"

Charles G
Huntsville, AL

Before < Before After < After

"Lipotase™ was amazing! Here are two before photos of me at 215lbs 21%bca. The after photos are me at 185lbs and 10% bca. I did my workouts, dieted and took Lipotase™. Thanks I will be getting more products from you.*"

Christian F
Lexington Park, MD

“Hi my name is Clark Witt. Off season I weigh 234 lbs, but my competition weight is 199lbs. I am 24 years old and I can lift bench press 405 lbs, deadlift 525 lbs at 4 reps. I like Primal Muscle's products, specifically the supps that got me here (Mesobolin, Lipotase & Androxybol!).*”

Clark W
San Leandro, CA

< Before < After

"Before my 3 bottles of Mesobolin™ & 2 bottles of Lipotase™ I worked out 4 days a week, ate about 3,000 calories a day, & did heavy weight of about 6-8 reps with only 8-12 sets per muscle group. I was 201 lbs & was somewhere between 28-30% bodyfat. I am now 219 lbs & only %19 body fat. My bench press went from 355 lbs to 426 lbs. My squat went up 82 lbs as well. I am leaner, stronger, bigger & all around better than ever before after only one stack of 3 Mesobolin™ & 2 Lipotase™. And now I'm on a new stack of Aspartalone™ & Androxybol.*"

Cody H
Silsbee, TX

< Before < After

"I used Mesobolin , TridenosenH, as well as Aspartalone. I worked out for four months and I went from 150 to 170. Just with four protein shakes a day and as much food as I could put down. My bench went from 125 to 200, my curl went from 60 to 120 on the bar. Free weights I went from curling 35 to 55 lbs, my dead lift went from 120 to 170 and my shoulder shrugs went from 45 up to, get this, 200 plus... no joke. I never really worked out in high school so I was shocked to be lifting as much as I am. Back in high school I was too sick, and after getting fixed up in the hospital I went up to 150 from 120. I started using Mesobolin, TridenosenH, Aspartalone, and within the first two months I felt jacked up and way stronger with tons more stamina for the gym. I'd work out hard for an hour and a half... I couldn't slow down, let alone stop!*"

Corey S
Winthrop, WA

< Before < After

"I just recently started to Compete in the "Physique" Division. I stacked Lipotase, TridenosenH, & Mesobolin. I put on 12 lbs in 6 weeks and stayed ripped, as I have been doing shows every other weekend. Also Met-Pro kicks ass... I look forward to seeing how I progress on my next stack!!*"

Critelli S
San Diego, CA

"Mesobolin is one of the best supplements I've tried. I went from 200 to 212 of solid muscle. Primal Muscle is the real deal son.*"

Cruse B
Hendersonville, TN

"I am an amateur bodybuilder/ powerlifter / MMA fighter and have been around for going on 20 years. At the age of 37 I don't have time nor the money to waste on marketing scams that are seen in every magazine on the shelves today. I started using Humatropin combined with Aspartalone, Mesobolin, Flash Bang and Met-Pro. Some will say that was a huge investment, I say it was a great one. I have spent way more money on supplements throughout the years recommended by Mr.O or Mr. whoever just to find myself with a healthy toilet and no results. This stack finally has taken me over the top with a raw bench personal record of 565 lbs for 2 reps at 240 lbs and a standing overhead military press with 350 lbs for 3 solid reps.

I told myself 2012 would be my year and each and every time I hit the gym I am seeing more and more results thanks to the Primal Muscle stack. I used to like to call the stack I used before the "Squatmonster Stack," but this is what I call the "Giantkiller Stack." That's the name of my MMA team, standing only 5' 6" and fighting as a heavyweight, most guys tower over me, but they will never overpower me. Thanks Primal Muscle for all your support and great line of superior products.*"

Daniel "Squat Monster" Conner
Decatur, IL
Competitive MMA Fighter & Powerlifter

"I received Mesobolin as a gift for my birthday since I wanted it so bad. I was sketched out about it at first, but this product actually works. I lost about 10 pounds of fat in 4 weeks and gained a solid, granite-like 25 pounds in muscle. I look fabulous and never dreamed of a better body. This product works fast, strong, and is completely worth it. LEAN MASS AND ALL NATURAL.*"

Darren T
High Point, NC

< Before < After

“Without a doubt, Primal Muscle's exclusive products like TridenosenH, gave me the fastest results on the planet. I got bigger and more ripped than ever in 6 weeks. After trying these products, me and all of my buddies won’t go anywhere else for supps.*”

Dave M
Jerseyville, IL

"TridenosenH™ and Mesobolin™ helped me achieve my goals and win 1st place Masters Men Over 60 2006 Mr. Minnesota and the NPC Muscle Mayhem 1st place Masters Men Over 60 in Kansas City, MO on May 26th, 2007. I am 65 years young!*"

David B
St Paul, MN

"Dude this sh*t is incredible, and I'm only on my third day of using it (TridenosenH and Mesobolin). I've never ever felt this pumped before. I don't think I'm gonna buy supplements from anywhere else now, especially not protein. Met-Pro is The Sh*t. Thanks for all your help. Now excuse me, I have to go bench a few cars haha.*"

Derrick H
Saint Johns, FL

"Well just like the movie 'There's Something About Mary,' there's something about Primal Muscle - like the product Mesobolin, lol. I started taking 4 capsules a day of Mesobolin on March 7. Then in April I decided to take 6 capsules per day, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening 30 minutes before I started my workout. And boy oh boy that's when my energy, endurance, and stamina went through the roof. I also notice immediately after I started taking 6 capsules a day that my arms were fuller and harder. I also like Primal Muscle's new protein shake Met-Pro. Met-Pro is the only protein shake I'm able to take that doesn't cause any side effects like bloating or gas. So in closing I suggest don't be fooled by the rest, Primal Muscle products are the best! And thanks to my Primal Muscle Rep! I'm Primal Muscle's client for life buddy...*"

Donqual M
Forestville, MD

"Not through the full cycles of Aspartalone and TridenosenH yet, but already they get me great pumps, strength, and endurance. What more could you ask for?*"

George B
Jackson, MI

"I've used Androxybol for only a short time and noticed incredibly dramatic results. I've always been in good shape, but as I entered my 40s gaining lean mass became more difficult. Androxybol has given me what I need to maintain the muscle I work so hard to build and quickly pack on more slabs of lean mass. At 41, I won the 2012 WPF Mr. Philadelphia Classic – Super-heavyweight division while supplementing with Androxybol.*"

James Kennedy
Norristown, PA

< Before < After

“Just wanted to give a BIG thanks for selling the good s**t. Expect another order of TridenosenH™ to come real soon. I work at GOLD’S GYM and it’s competitive. Gotta keep up with the younger membership to stay in the game.*”

James M
Austin, TX

"Last year, I weighed 188 lbs and wore a size 14. I never thought I'd lose the weight I'd put on when I had my son. I tried all the consumer level fat burners in the stores but had minimal results. After taking Lipotase, I now wear a size 6 and weigh a lean 157. I lost 31 lbs thanks to Lipotase and was able to add the perfect amount of lean muscle for bikini competition. In May, I won my first title and I'm now the 2012 WPF Ms. Bikini Model Philadelphia and will be competing in Amsterdam this Fall! Thanks Primal Muscle!!*"

Janet Hayes
Philadelphia, PA

< Before < After

“I decided to start to compete again and was looking for a solid product that could help me get the results I wanted and I ran into your line by mistake, but I read and looked at the compounds and found that they were all well studied. I needed a good thermo so I started with Lipotase™ and the pre workout Nitrox-ATP™ and saw results, so I moved on to TridenosenH™ since I'm 40 I need the help. I'm a Full time Plumbing Contractor so my weeks are 60+ hours, and your products have really helped with my prep. This is 12 weeks start weight 290 now 245 6'2 I'll be doing the TOC Sept 10th all three classes Open Masters 40 and Novice*”

Jay "The Plumber" Bartlett
Hollywood, CA
Semi-Pro Bodybuilder

"At age 73 I am still able to compete in bodybuilding shows at the national level. I work out in a four-day split routine, Monday/Tuesday, Thursday/Friday, approximately 45 minute sessions each. After trying several supplements with no success I am convinced that the supplements from Primal Muscle (TridenosenH, Mesobolin and Nitrox-ATP), which I have taken for about two years, brought the results that have helped me place time and time again.*"

Jim E
Akron, OH

“I owe a lot to TridenosenH™ for the way my physique is now,*"

Flower Mound, TX

“I first found out about Primal Muscle while I was at home searching for a supplement to get me bigger. I had surgery a few months ago and needed something to get me back up in the gym with energy, strength, and I needed to pack on weight since I lost weight from the surgery. I was 132 lbs after surgery and I felt ashamed for being so skinny. Here’s where Mesobolin™ came into play… it's really worked great so far and I’ve gained 15 pounds of muscle! I’m on a good diet now so my gains are getting even better! Even though I am young, I'm in the best shape of my life but I never thought I’d get this ripped… I figured it’d take years, but here I am!*”

Joe G
Derry, PA

< Before < After

“I will admit, I had my doubts when I was contacted about trying Oral Testibol. I want everyone to know that this stuff is the real deal and it works through and through. From my first workout I noticed a full body pump, and that was on chest day. Taking Oral Testibol has given me the ability to push a few more reps out when the going gets tough and we all know that's when we destroy the fibers and really build the frame we desire. So give it a go, and I promise you will agree with me! I took one strip in the morning after breakfast and two pre-workout. My weight is 214 and I am 34 years old. Oh and I almost forgot... your lady wont complain either, if you know what I'm saying!!!! Before, I was a man that had a little size but was loose and undefined. After, I became a man that is more vascular and defined, and tons stronger!*”

John A
Butler, PA

"Over three years ago I became an independent professional wrestler. I was 300 pounds of fat and flab. Looking around I saw guys who were in much better shape than I was, so I decided enough was enough and it was time for a change. I started hitting the gym and losing weight. I went from 300 pounds down to 230, while putting muscle on top of that. Then, like many others often do, I hit a plateau. Being consumed with the bodybuilding lifestyle and trying to keep in decent shape, I saw an ad for Oral Testibol. I jumped on the opportunity and almost immediately I broke the plateau and started seeing great results. Through hard work, determination, and Primal Muscle products I'm in the best shape of my life, and I'm now wrestling all over the Midwest and meeting superstars I used to watch when I was growing up, and one day I know I'll be in the big leagues kicking ass with the body you guys helped me achieve. Thanks a lot guys, I owe you one!*"

John C
Harrison, MI

< Before

< After

"About 8 years ago I was 420 pounds. I started to workout and change my diet. I then went to a supplement store and was taking a fat burner, which, even when they changed their ingredients, it still worked for me because I was on a low carb diet. I then went from being 420 to 320. I started taking Primal Muscle products, Primo 33 and Lipotase which helped me a lot. Also talking with an Adviser when I had any questions was a big help. Thanks to him and Primal Muscle products I won my first national show.*"

Johnny N
Stoneville, NC

"Everything is f***ing great! I feel great and look better. Feeling and looking younger. Best workout in a long time this weekend. So pumped! Thanks a lot for getting me going on that stuff (Humatropin and IGF 250).*"


"Thanks for everything! Results of Flash Bang, Humatropin & Mesobolin.*"

Josh L
Las Vegas, NV

"These are the pics from my calendar shoot on May 14, 2011 in Atlanta. My show is July 16 which I will look harder, but the Aspartalone, Tridenosen, Androxybol and Lipotase really helped me sustain my muscle...*"

Jumaane D
Stockbridge, GA

"I have some interesting news... I just finished my first week officially on this cycle. I noticed my workouts have been steadily progressing in my pumps and endurance. I know it may sound premature in my initial progress of growth and development but I noticed I am starting to bulk up in my chest, shoulders, arms, and calves. My weight has increased some, I went from 196 to 210. I stand only at 5'3", my waist is a 36, so I look like a mini Jerome Bettis (formerly of the Steelers). I was hoping to shred down but I noticed TridenosenH™ makes me bulk up in mass which is cool. This is some serious stuff. So I put on 14 lbs. in my first initial week. Oh, no side effects felt, no gyno, zits, scars and shakes.*"

Kaulana C
Laie, HI

"I'm 28 years old and I work for the NYC Fire Dept, EMS and the US Naval Reserve. It's rough having a kick ass job/s, but someone's gotta do it. I have to stay in shape for both of my careers and I do that by taking supplements. The advisors are very helpful, the products are great and boy have I tried them all. I've been taking the fat burning stack (Lipotase, TridenosenH and Nitrox-ATP) and have been seeing great results. Not only am I losing bodyfat but I'm also full of energy, and on my crazy schedule I need it. It also helps curb my appetite. I would definitely recommend these products to everyone, men and women.*"

Kristina F
Brooklyn, NY

"After taking TridenosenH and Mesobolin, I got my bodyweight down to 104 lbs for a world powerlifting meet in Chicago and I ended up winning the whole thing! I was best lifter and won my weight class. I got 7 new world records in all my lifts including the total in Open and Masters categories and set a new all-time high record in the history of the sport in the squat and total. It was the most ever lifted by any 105lb class female lifter in any federation in the world! I squatted 462lb’s, benched 209 and deadlifted 380 lbs. I ended up upping my dosage of TridenosenH, but I didn’t know for sure about the Mesobolin so I stopped taking that a few days prior to the competition. I have since found out that it would have been O.K. to take it. I knew they would test me so I didn’t want to take any chances! Next time I’m sure it would probably be O.K. to take it too.

So I was the star of the meet squatting 4.5x my bodyweight and I got a lot of respect from all the big guys! Even though they were squatting so much more than me they knew pound for pound what I had accomplished and really gave me a lot of credit for it. My next feat is to squat 515 lbs in the 114lb weight class to get that all time high record.*"

Margaret Kirkland
Bradenton, FL

"I decided to try TridenosenH™ for 6 weeks to see if it really does what they say it does, and in the baseline testing I had a 20" vertical, a 5.06 in the 40 yard dash, and Ran 4 miles in 30:04 (7:31 per mile). So I put the supplement to the true test for my goals by running distance 3 days per week and doing “jump/speed” the alternating 2 days. So finally, after 6 weeks of training and supplementing with TridenosenH™, I got to running 7 miles in 51:02 (7:17 per mile) a 22.5 inch vertical, and 4.96 40 yd dash! I’d recommend it for anyone who runs, does cross-fit, or any cardio-based exercises.*"

Mark P
Dayton, VA

"I am a 52 year old female, fighting that middle age bulge. A bodybuilder in my younger years, I have found the aging process to be quite hard to accept and a real battle. I used hGH injectable for 8 months until the price became too expensive, so I went looking for an alternative way to fight the body fat and muscle wasting. I began taking the TridenosenH™ 3 weeks ago, I immediately had more energy and ambition. Within 2 weeks I noticed growth increase in my legs muscles, without any hard core exercise, just the basic toning. I did not appreciate the true extent of what has occurred in my body, until last week when we were hit with 20 inches of snow in one day and more the following day...

I have a flat roof patio, a 30 foot long drive way with a steep incline up to the road, plus an additional patio that had to be shoveled. I don’t have a snow blower so I shoveled for 2-5 hours. The next day, after new snow fell a roommate began helping me, (a GUY) and at 2 hours he began to whine about being tired and sore. He asked me why I wasn’t exhausted or too sore to move...

I told him I thought it was the TridenosenH™, He laughed at me, SO I said, “Dude, feel my thighs,” He tried to pinch me and couldn’t.. SO I said, “Feel my butt,” He said, Damn women, it ‘s like a rock, can I feel it again?”

I shoveled snow for 3 days in a row. Chopped up ice burms, plain hard work for an old chick like me. I feel great!! Even my biceps have increased. I am turning into a little hulkster now. Not quite what I planned on but impressive. I would highly recommend TridenosenH™ to any women looking to tone up, any women in training, and of course any guy who wants to add more bulk. I have not noticed any adverse effects... No racing heart, no sleep disturbance, just an increase in muscle size and endurance.*"

Mary P
Spokane, WA

"All year round I maintain app 6% to 7% body fat which is difficult. At the present time I am stacking Tridenosen H™, Mesobolin™ and Oral Testibol™. These products I use all year round . Over the last month I have been trying to get down my bodyfat to 5%. It's very hard. One day my Adviser called me about a new product called Lipotase™. I then bought a bottle and stacked it with the other products that I was taking. I got to say these product works great and I am finally just under 5% body fat today . Its a great feeling being shredded all year round . Every one ask me what steroids I take and I tell them nothing. I always just tell people in the gym that I use Primal Muscle supplements, nothing works better then the products this company offers.*"

Mike C
New York, NY

"I thought I'd share my results while on Androxybol. I had my Testosterone panel results today & my free Test is 380 & Total Testosterone is 1,666, so I know it works!! The Free was sky high in a very good way & I'm feeling the 'T' rush in my workouts. Strength has increased tremendously and I've been responding well to Mesobolin also.*"

Mike D
Palm Bay, FL

“I’m writing on behalf of the powerful supplements I’ve been taking over a 3 month span, and I have to tell you, I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve taken Nitrox-ATP™ & Mesobolin™. Those were supplements that have done what they claim and then some. Gentlemen have swore I was on the Winny! And I’ve been proud to tell them otherwise. I’m a Natural Beast, and I feel with these supplements, if I go toe-to-toe with someone on the juice, I feel that with my results, I would smash them in the gym.*”

Nick W
Riverside, CA

“I'm an MMA Fighter that will take a Fight at any Weight I can safely make. I usually fight at 205 lbs, but was given the opportunity to Punch a Cop in the Face without going to Jail. I had to cut to 175 lbs and needed to stay strong. I took Lipotase™, TridenosenH™ & Nitrox-ATP™. I made Weight and didn't lose any Strength. Your Products Rock. Now I need to get back to a Rock Solid 205 lbs for my next Fight.*”

Rick "Notorious" Slaton
San Diego, CA
Professional MMA Fighter

"Hey, I took a couple of scoops of Flash Bang yesterday... holy sh*t! Great workout and an awesome taste. I also had a couple of scoops of Met-Pro pre and post workout, not to mention I also mixed some into my pancake batter, bomb taste! I will be ordering more soon. I've been feeling too bloated in my midsection and just started taking Lipotase too.*"

Ronnie O
San Diego, CA

< Before < After

"I just turned 29, never married, no kids, and I was beginning to wonder about my future. I know I have a great personality so that left me believing that my looks were the only thing that has been holding me back and keeping me single. With my stress I knew I needed a change. Now I can’t give all the credit to Lipotase and Nitrox-ATP because it takes more motivation and dedication then just taking some pills to get in shape! I started eating better and working out almost every evening to start my change! But I have to say with taking Lipotase and Nitrox-ATP together it helped me reach my goals easier, faster, and now helps with keeping the weight off! And nothing builds better confidence then being 44 pounds less!!!!*"

Ronnie S
Kannapolic, NC

"8 weeks ago I started running a cycle of Mesobolin, TridenosenH and Lipotase, the results I got were gradual but very consistent, after 4 weeks on the cycle I noticed moderate gains in strength, lean mass, and vascularity. My abs began to lean out noticeably. In the 5th week of my cycle I decided to switch it up a bit and replace the Meso with Aspartalone, and no discredit at all to the Mesobolin, but at this point my gains and results were much more noticeable, strength increases remain gradual, but the difference now in vascularity, muscle fullness and tightness in the abs are very nice. I have never been one of those guys with the gift of washboard abs, I have pretty good genetics, so I usually have the lean tapered look ab-wise, now however with what I call the " Make it Happen Stack" of the TridenosenH, Lipotase, and Aspartalone, for the first time my 6 pack is starting to really reveal itself. What I like mostly about Primal Muscle is the consistency of their products, for some they work more rapid than for others, but one thing is certain, they will work if you stay true to the supplements, put your time in at the gym and watch your diet. I am very pleased with my progress in 8 weeks, because my results would certainly not have come by gym and diet alone.*"

Sean "Solomon Spades" Cummings
Greensboro, NC
Semi-Pro Wrestler

"I felt inclined to write about a product I’ve recently started taking called TridenosenH. In this world of supplements where most companies are out to get your money first and fore­most whether their stuff works or not is BS!

Now, moving on. when I read the article on “Tri H” I thought, “here we go again” bold claims, as usual I got sucked in and I bought a cycle. Even though I weighed 245lbs. at the time I took 4 a day for 2 weeks and really didn’t feel nothing - weeks 3-4 I took 5 [a day] with creatine 1 hour before my workout and I have to say from week 4 till now it’s been BLAST F'N OFF!

I just started my 3rd cycle and believe me, it does what you claim, and then some! Once it starts working, at least for me, it’s been steady gains in muscle & fat loss. I guess I’m kind of a Hard Gainer so to speak, so I know for a fact if something is working or not. I hadn’t weighed myself since I started taking “Tri H” 'til yesterday I was at work and one of the girls I work with said, 'are you taking 'roids, you look a lot bigger?' Anyway, I weighed myself, I knew I had lost some fat from my stomach & side area so I figured I’d still be 245 or maybe even less so I got on the scale and told the girl to tell me what it said, I couldn’t bear to look, she did and said 'Holy Shit, you’re 8lbs'. I looked and to make a long story short, the scale only went to 250lbs. - I weighed 258lbs.! That night I weighed at the gym and was shocked I actually weighed 257lbs. Last night, I was 259lbs.! So I gained 13-14lbs. in 12 weeks, and the only thing I did differently was take TridenosenH, My final thought on Tri H is this.

You can workout twice as long and recover twice as fast. Muscle Ripping Pumps Gives you most of all a sense of well-being!

Side-effects as follows:
1. Allow yourself 30 extra minutes a workout to look at yourself in the mirror ‘cause
you’re looking so much better!
2. I have honestly got to make myself take a day off!

I honestly want to say Thank You Primal Muscle for such a wonderful f'ing product. It’s far and away the best legal supplement I’ve ever, ever, ever took - end of story!

Thank you so much!*"

Steve W
Leadville, CO

"Last December I decided to compete in April of this year after surviving recurrent melanoma that I was told should have killed me in 2004, and breaking my back in July 2007. After the back surgery, it took a month to be able to walk without a walker and several more months before I could sit, stand or walk without my back brace. Everyday life hurt, but I was determined to work thru it and do it anyway. I took TridenosenH™ and Mesobolin™, and as I got closer to the show I added Nitrox-ATP. Knowing I couldn’t lift as heavy as I could before because of the titanium screws and plastic rods in my back, I still trained as hard as I could. The supplements took me significantly higher than I was capable of going on my own. I placed 4th in open women heavyweight at the Emerald Cup. I’m happy with my results!*"

Susan S
Mukilteo, WA

"A year ago, and at the age of 50 with the help of TridenosenH™ I was able to achieve my best shape ever. Enough to win the Masters Division at the Kansas City Bodybuilding Championships. After my success last year winning the Master’s in the KC Championships, I didn’t think it could get much better. But your remarkable supplements proved that it could. This year I reached the best condition of my career in bodybuilding that has spanned over 30 years and 106 contests. I won the Master’s in the Missouri Championships and placed 3rd in the Middle Weight Open!*”

Ted G
Columbia, MO

"Over the past 4 months, I have been living in the Caribbean on Bonaire, Netherland Antilles. I have been diving each day and routinely taking my Androxybol. After one month, I was involved in an accident in which I broke two ribs, punctured, and collapsed my left lung. I spent five days in the hospital with a drain tube in my thoracic cavity. Once I was released, I was on my own recovery regimen of Tai Chi in the pool and Qi Gong, along with taking my supplements. As your advertising states, Androxybol increases ATP, blood oxygen levels, and testosterone. What many people don’t understand is how important these changes can be in physical injury recovery. Within 4 weeks, I was swimming slowly in the pool. At six weeks, I was swimming in the ocean. At seven weeks, I was swimming one mile in the ocean and at two months, I was swimming two miles. I wanted to let you know how important I believe Androxybol was in aiding my recovery!*"

Tom M
Arlington, TX

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"To gain lean muscle mass (drug-free) at an advanced age requires cutting edge supplementation. Primal Muscle’s products (in particular, Oral Testibol) have helped me put on vascular, freaky-solid muscle well into my sixties. I would not want to train without this powerful product that maximizes my efforts.*"

Tony D
Cape Coral, FL

"I placed an order through your web site and made a friend with one of your Advisers, and I can say he is a very honest and sincere individual. He did not try to unload any unnecessary supplements on me just to make a sale and for that I am extremely grateful. He gave me an honest recommendation on a product that would help me achieve my goal. I order very few products but I only tried this one to see how it would work with my diet plan and I was amazed. TridenosenH™ is an excellent product. I could feel the effects within minutes of taking it. I now wished I had used it earlier before my competition. Even though I did very well I am sure the end result was from TridenosenH™. I was drier, tighter, harder and more vascular. I will continue to use this product and look forward to testing the other Primal Muscle products too. When I called originally, no only did we discuss the supplements, but I received a work out plan, a diet plan as well as a dosage plan of when and what amount of each supplement to take. Above and beyond service, and in my opinion it makes Primal Muscle above the rest. Even though I am overseas in the military shipping was excellent.*"

William W
Armed Forces