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Have you ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be on gear?

Maybe you’ve already run a cycle or two and know how amazing it feels to run on high-grade test fueling your daily life.
Either way, let’s state the obvious here:
There’s a reason so many guys resort to the sauce.
Boosting testosterone works wonders.

When you’re running on high test, you feel like a f*cking superhero

Gains come easy. Thick, dense, and lean slabs of muscle quickly fill out your shirts and turn heads everywhere you go.
At the gym, dudes can’t help but glance over with respect at the weight you’re moving and the intensity you’re bringing.
The girls at the gym stare at you for other reasons. (wink, wink)

Enhancing testosterone levels is like living life in 4k resolution.

The pumps feel otherworldly.
That swole, tight, and yoked feeling you only achieve on your best day now becomes the new norm. You have to practically force yourself to leave the gym because each set feels better than the last one. Your confidence soars in social situations. No more being timid or “Mr. Nice Guy.”
You call the shots and stand your ground.
But for years, enjoying the high-test life has come at a steep price…

TRT: Overrated & Outdated

For decades, there have been only 2 options to turbocharge your testosterone.
SPOILER ALERT: they both suck:

Scenario A: You’re able to get a prescription from a doctor for Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). But unless you have politician-level health insurance, you can easily pay up to $300 a month for your shots

Scenario B: You find a hook-up for black market gear. You hope that the meathead who’s mixing it together in his bathtub knows what he’s doing so you don’t end up shooting God-knows-what into your body.

Both TRT options have one thing in common: They Can Both F*ck You Up

Here’s the deal:

When you “replace” testosterone, it triggers your body to STOPPING NATURAL PRODUCTION.
So you stay on for life or risk the hormonal rebound effects of cycling off…

Depressions from out-of-whack cortisol,The dreaded bitch tits from sky-high estrogen

Unless you have an above-average understanding of endocrinology and using aromatase inhibitors… You can seriously f*ck yourself up.

But it gets worse: Thanks to things like environmental toxins, overexposure to chemicals from plastics, GMOs & highly processed food, poor sleep, and stress…

Recent studies show that you’re most likely GETTING CHEATED out of your own optimal testosterone production

A review article published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism summarized findings from multiple studies. It concluded that average testosterone levels have declined by 1–2% per year over the past several decades in industrialized countries (Wu, Tajar, Pye, Silman, Finn, & O'Neill, 2008).


1-2% EACH year…for decades. It’s bad enough our natural production tapers off as we age. But now, an average guy could be working with 20-30% less test than someone a few decades ago at the same age. So you can see why guys take the risks of TRT and illegal gear. Ok, enough of the doom and gloom.

Because there is some great news.

You no longer have to go take these risks in order to achieve the alpha life.
Finally, there’s a safe, test-boosting alternative that delivers mind-blowing results…without the side effects



The World’s Most ELITE Test-Booster That Amplifies Natural Test Production Up To 346%

Bro, in case you weren't aware, supplement technology is LIGHT YEARS beyond where it used to be.

For the past few years, we’ve been working on the most advanced endogenous testosterone generation formula possible.

We spared no expense.

We’ve sourced the most potent ingredients of maximum purity and uncovered their optimal dosage amounts.

The result is ALPHA FORGE™, or as someone recently referred to it:

“This stuff is basically legal gear.”

ALPHA FORGE™  blends over 10 ingredients to boost test in totally different pathways - increase LH, decrease estrogen, decrease cortisol, and lower SHBG.

Experience Alpha life fueled by amplified endogenous testosterone:

Rapid recovery: Feeling refreshed in the mornings and ready to tear it up every day

Insane strength- Blow PRs out of the water. It feels almost silly how light the weights feel.

Orgasmic pumps-unlike any natty would ever experience!

Full, dense muscular development.

Enhance mood and cognition. Hey, boosting your test levels has benefits outside of getting absolutely jacked. It leads to a feeling of well-being and great moods that become part of daily life.

Think it sounds too good to be true? We GUARANTEE results!

You might be skeptical. Hell, I don’t blame you.

But this is why ALPHA FORGE™ is backed by our no-BS, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not blown away by your results, call us or shoot us an email. No questions asked; we’ll get you squared away pronto

Tongkat Ali, Bulbine Natalensis, Mucuna Pruriens…these and other special compounds inside ALPHA FORGE™ are clinically proven and endorsed by Stanford neuroscientists

While big-name supplement companies spend most of their money hiring retired athletes to hock their products, our focus is on science and creating the formula guys WISH they had found sooner.

There’s only one problem…

It’s hard to keep all of the necessary parts of our property formula in stock and ready to go. There’s still that whole supply chain clusterf*ck going on.

And, unfortunately, there’s a distinct possibility the FDA will ban ALPHA FORGE™ outright. They tend to knock out the super-effective products that don’t line the pockets of their favorite corporations.

We’re working hard to keep ALPHA FORGE™ available.



"I feel like I can lift a truck when I go to the gym, s**t!!!!!! I did 200 lbs on the machine T-bar for the back, I’ve never done over 180/185. So far, I’m liking it… doing chest today, can’t wait!!!!“


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"Been on it for 10 days now. I’ve already upped my bench press 10 pounds, My Libido is through the roof I’ve been all over the wife like we we’re teenagers again, This stuff is hands down the best testosterone booster I've ever tried"


Zach S.

 "WOW! This stuff is awesome and I just started! Did arms today and was super pumped. I did 10-20 pounds heavier on almost every exercise (preachers, barbell curls, tricep rope pull downs) and my muscles took way longer to fatigue!"


Life’s Too Short. It’s Time To Kick Ass.

You owe it to yourself to take the bull by the horns and get the results you thought were reserved for the pros.

 ALPHA FORGE™ is a game-changer; there’s nothing else like it on the market.

And the best part is there’s no risk for you to try it for yourself.

Get Jacked. Get Strong. Or pay NOTHING.




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