WARNING: These 4 Shockingly Simple Tips Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles FAST…

(But You May Need To Buy New Shirts)

If you want to get big… I am talking about the kind of big that girls can’t keep their hands to themselves, and people everywhere you go are always asking you if you’re juicing, big…

There are really only a few things you need to get right, but miss any of these critical steps, and you are destined to live a short life of weakness, insignificance and misery until you die alone on the toilet in a cash-only motel next to a truck-stop on the interstate at the tender age of 43.

Wow - that got dark… but you get the point - we can’t screw this up - read on!

Periodization - Another way to put this is, MIX IT UP! Don’t just go to the gym and go through the motions with the same workout all the time. Pick a goal, and then pick a routine with a set “end date” (like 4-8 weeks) that allows you to work on that goal - track results and then move on to the next goal/cycle. Rinse & repeat.

This goes for cardio too - mix it up - work in some HIIT or Tabatas, do some long and slow duration stuff, get out of the gym and do sprints, etc.

Protein - Not something you need to get psycho about - but if you’re not eating enough quality protein, you WON’T get bigger and you won’t recover efficiently. Shoot for about 1g per lb of bodyweight daily - a little less is ok. Stick to meat and whey protein to keep it simple.

Sleep - I am telling you right now, aside from lifting weights, if you want to build muscle, sleeping is the most important thing you can do - no BS. Most guys do not sleep enough and that makes recovering from workouts very difficult - and if you didn’t know… RECOVERY is the most important thing. You see, you spend hours in the gym tearing down your muscle fibers - the only time they are able to repair themselves and grow back bigger and stronger is when you sleep. Shoot for 7+ hours per night - the more, the better.

CHEAT - I am not talking about stuffing your face with pie once a week. I am talking about using some "legal juice" to speed up the process of recovery and ultimately get you “swoler” faster - catch my drift?

I get it - this is probably a pretty unpopular piece of advice - but if you REALLY want to pack on muscle fast, this is how to “big boys” do it.

But this doesn’t have to be some scary, dirty secret either - not like trying to score some gear from a dealer at the gym in the 90’s. Nowadays, muscle building technology is safer, and REALLY slick.

If you want to take your muscle-building efforts to the next level…