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IGF-1 works to build muscle unlike any other steroid on the market. Most steroids and anabolics build muscle through hypertrophy - which only works to increase the size of muscle cells you already have.

But what if there was a product that delivered a more powerful way to develop muscle mass?

What if you could create MORE muscle cells while making them BIGGER at the same time?

That's EXACTLY what IGF-1 does: it grows more muscle cells that are larger, building size and strength faster. The ultimate one-two punch!

191xt™: The Best Delivery System for IGF-1

IGF-1 supplements have been used for years by athletes who were after a competitive edge, but it wasn’t until hardcore bodybuilders began experimenting with injectible IGF-1 that the true potential was realized. Through IGF-1 injections, bodybuilders were gaining insane muscle growth practically overnight!

However, the cost out-weighed the benefit. There were numerous downsides to injectable IGF-1. First off, it is illegal. Getting suspended over the extra 20 pounds of muscle isn’t worth it. Secondly, many users found themselves with infections and abscesses from tainted IGF-1 and dirty injection sites — no point in putting your health at risk!


Where 191xt™ Comes In

Luckily, an oral formula of IGF-1 was discovered in deer antler, of all places. It is finally possible to get similar from a safer, legal formula.

191xt ™ delivers just that: a brand new, orally delivered IGF-1 booster that beats the hell out of injections - both in performance and price!

Best of all, 191-XT ™ is all natural and non-suppressive. You won't need to cycle on and off this product, nor will it flag positive in a drug test.

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"To gain lean muscle mass (drug-free) at an advanced age requires cutting edge supplementation. Primal Muscle’s products have helped me put on vascular, freaky-solid muscle well into my sixties. I would not want to train without this powerful product that maximizes my efforts."

Tony D.
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"I have been working out for many years and have wasted hundreds of dollars on products that either barely worked or didn't work at all. I finally stumbled across Primal Muscle and I won't buy from any other company again. I love all the products I have tried so far. I have a lot more energy, awesome pumps, gained a lot of muscle, lost a lot of fat and I could go on and on. I started out with 15% bodyfat and at 185 lbs. After hard work, quality supplements, and a healthy diet, I weigh 225 lbs at 4% bodyfat. Thank you Primal Muscle for awesome products."

Clint Y. ("Big C")
Spring, TX

"I was able to reach my goals with ease"

"Thanks to Primal Muscle, I was able to reach my goals with ease. I constantly had to make new goals because I was always surpassing them. I started using Primal Muscle when I was at 170 lbs. Now I am close to 225, and I am still growing! Thanks to Primal Muscle at my side, I know that I have what it take to become a pro bodybuilder!"

Christian S.
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NOT a Subscription - One-Time Order Only


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