Primal SURGE

PRIMAL SURGE is a powerful, pre-workout energy drink. Scientifically formulated to deliver sustained energy, power, endurance, and pumps for the entire duration of your workout. It mixes easy and tastes AWESOME!

Users Report IMMEDIATE INCREASES IN STRENGTH & POWER, LASER SHARP FOCUS, & SLEEVE-SPLITTING PUMPS. Build More Muscle, Bang Out More Reps, Push More Weight, and Say Goodbye To Fatigue.



For some, getting "turnt up" on party drugs might be a good time, but when it comes to your pre-workout drink - isn't the most important thing performance?

Let's face it... the whole pre-workout scene is getting a bit out of hand, right?

I mean we've got companies out there literally selling party drugs and calling it a pre-workout drink.

Look, if you need to get yourself totally cracked-out to get to the gym and train, you're either a candy-a$$ or you're doing something VERY wrong.

Well, we're taking the high road here, and formulated Primal SURGE to focus 100% on getting you better results from the time you're already spending in the gym.

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