Build muscle, burn fat, boost strength... this one does it all. Become the alpha male with our version of Arnold's favorite! (more details below)...


If you’ve been lifting longer than about 2 days, you’ve probably heard of Primobolan – supposedly Arnold’s favorite anabolic steroid back in the day.

It’s popular for a reason: It’s gets you freakin’ JACKED fast… with the kind of chiseled cuts that make women go weak in the knees… but WITHOUT you having to eat like a rhino all day long

There are other products that will pump you up temporarily… but Primo is designed to produce steady, permanent gains in lean muscle mass. That makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced lifters alike – and why so many women bodybuilders prefer it.

Plus, unlike most other steroids, such as Deca, Primo is available both in an injectable (enanthate) and oral (acetate) form. As steroids go, it’s considered relatively mild with few side effects. As a DHT-derivative, it doesn’t convert to estrogen, making it easy for you to avoid side effects commonly associated with steroids, such as gynecomastia (man boobs) and fluid retention.

There is only one drawback to Primobolan: It’s almost impossible to get! Availability is almost zilch and when you can find legit stuff it is SO freakin’ expensive it’s not even close to worth it.

But now, as long as supplies are available, there is a new Primobolan analog available that is formulated to support the production of dense muscle mass while also stripping away body fat, similar to the original “primo.”

It’s called Primo-33™. Researchers believe it works similar to Primobolan, but without all the nasty side-effects - most notably going to jail, and a dramatic loss of weight in your bank-account!

Primo-33™ is formulated to boost your testosterone levels and help produce dense, ultra-lean muscle mass. It also is great for building lots of strength, really fast.

Best of all, Primo-33™ has got a lot of guys over 30 feeling like a million bucks and lights a serious fire in the bedroom. Users are reporting a surge in feelings of well-being, virility and sex-drive.

Primo-33™ helps keep your muscle from breaking down while promoting new muscle growth. Not to mention wicked – and I mean WICKED – cuts come from.

One “unofficial” study found that people taking just one of the compounds in the Primo-33™ formula dramatically increased strength levels and those participants were not even training! Just imagine what kind of results you could get with even a half-serious effort!

The bottom line is: If you want outrageous gains in lean mass and definition – the kind of physique that turns heads wherever you go – then Primo-33™ is a “must have.” It’s for anyone who wants real strength – and the rock-hard, striated muscles that tell the world you’re the real deal.

Hell yes, it’s expensive… but when it comes to supplements, you really do get what you pay for.

Primo-33™ is scientifically formulated to build muscle without all the nasty side-effects normally found with black market steroids like breast tissue or shrunken testicles. Quite honestly, would you sacrifice your balls just to save a few bucks? (I didn’t think so…)

Primo 33™ is available in LIMITED SUPPLIES for a short time. So don’t wait…

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