• "I thought I'd share my results while on AndroxyFX. I had my Testosterone panel results today & my free Test is 380 & Total Testosterone is 1,666, so I know it works!! The Free was sky high in a very good way & I'm feeling the 'T' rush in my workouts. Strength has increased tremendously and I've been responding well to MesoFX also."

    Mikey D.

  • "Before my 3 bottles of MesoFX & 2 bottles of Lipotase I worked out 4 days a week, ate about 3,000 calories a day, & did heavy weight of about 6-8 reps with only 8-12 sets per muscle group. I was 201 lbs & was somewhere between 28-30% bodyfat. I am now 219 lbs & only %19 body fat. My bench press went from 355 lbs to 426 lbs. My squat went up 82 lbs as well. I am leaner, stronger, bigger & all around better than ever before after only one stack of 3 MesoFX & 2 Lipotase."

    Cody H.

  • Hi my name is Clark Witt. Off season I weigh 234 lbs, but my competition weight is 199lbs. I am 24 years old and I can lift bench press 405 lbs, deadlift 525 lbs at 4 reps. I like Primal Muscle's products, specifically the supps that got me here (MesoFX, Lipotase & AndroxyFX!)."

    Clark W.


  • "All year round I maintain app 6% to 7% body fat which is difficult. At the present time I am stacking TridenosenH, MesoFX. These products I use all year round . Over the last month I have been trying to get down my bodyfat to 5%. It's very hard. One day my Adviser called me about a new product called Lipotase. I then bought a bottle and stacked it with the other products that I was taking. I got to say these product works great and I am finally just under 5% body fat today . Its a great feeling being shredded all year round . Every one ask me what steroids I take and I tell them nothing. I always just tell people in the gym that I use Primal Muscle supplements, nothing works better then the products this company offers."

    Mike C.

  • I'm an MMA Fighter that will take a Fight at any Weight I can safely make. I usually fight at 205 lbs, but was given the opportunity to Punch a Cop in the Face without going to Jail. I had to cut to 175 lbs and needed to stay strong. I took Lipotase and TridenosenH. I made Weight and didn't lose any Strength. Your Products Rock. Now I need to get back to a Rock Solid 205 lbs for my next fight."

    Rick "Notorious" Slaton

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