Primal SURGE

CRUSH YOUR NEXT WORKOUT Now Experience “BEAST MODE” Strength, Power & Intensity Without Feeling Cracked-Out!
  • BEST NITRIC OXIDE PRE WORKOUT. Feel The SURGE - smooth & sustainable pre-workout energy with no crash or jitters - users report non habit forming.
  • PRE WORKOUT ENERGY FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN. Primal SURGE does not contain anything illegal, or “hormonal” unlike other pre-workout drinks on the market - it was designed for men & women.
  • POWERFUL PRE WORKOUT FOR BUILDING MUSCLE. Max out intensity and dig deep to bang out rep after rep with ease.
  • EFFECTIVE PRE WORKOUT FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Burn more energy with every workout and get ripped - FAST!
  • MADE IN THE USA. Produced in a GMP-certified facility to ensure quality and potency. You don’t skimp on your workouts, and we don’t skimp on our ingredients - RESULTS GUARANTEED!
PRIMAL SURGE is a powerful, pre-workout energy drink. Scientifically formulated to deliver sustained energy, power, endurance, and pumps for the entire duration of your workout. It mixes easy and tastes AWESOME!

Users Report IMMEDIATE INCREASES IN STRENGTH & POWER, LASER SHARP FOCUS, & SLEEVE-SPLITTING PUMPS. Build More Muscle, Bang Out More Reps, Push More Weight, and Say Goodbye To Fatigue.

100% PREMIUM INGREDIENTS IN POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE DOSES. You don’t skimp on your workouts, and we don’t skimp on our formulas. A lot of pre-workout drinks just add enough active ingredient to “get by.” But Primal SURGE is LOADED with maximum muscle building, performance enhancing ingredients.

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA IN A cGMP & NSF CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING FACILITY. You can count on consistent purity, strength, and quality for all Primal Muscle supplements.

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