It's Time To Face The Truth - And The Truth Is... Mass Without "Cuts" Is Like Having A Gun Without Ammo... Useless! If You're Big But Not Totally Ripped & Shredded... You Need To Read This Now!

Dear Friend and Fellow Iron Warrior!

Let me tell you "a true story" that will illustrate the importance of being extremely ripped.

A couple of years ago, when I first moved to San Diego, I met a bodybuilder in my office complex who was quite impressive looking, meaning he looked pretty jacked in his tight, snazzy polo-shirts.

When he came to the office all the girls couldn't stop talking about this guy... you'd think Brad Pitt had just stopped by! However, when I saw him at the beach, wearing no shirt, he looked pathetically smooth... with virtually no "cuts." I was shocked at the difference – I mean he almost looked like he didn't work out at all. Not to mention he was getting almost no play from the ladies. And we all know one of the main reasons you bust your ass in the gym is to look good with your shirt off and get attention from the opposite sex!

But here's the "new part" to this story. I ran into this same guy just the other day and he looks even worse! That's right friend, he's still busting his ass in the gym... but still as soft and smooth as a bar of soap!

So, the big point is, if you're not super-cut-up and shredded... then there is no "point" in busting your ass in the gym.

Even If You're Not Genetically Gifted... You Can Still Get Shredded Beyond Belief!

However, I realize it's very difficult to get shredded because the hardest part about "getting shredded" is the dieting, not the training.

But if "truth-be-told," most guys don't have the genetics to be super-shredded! But here's some good news, some very good news. There's a little-known hardening and cutting agent on the market called Lipotase™ that is literally getting our clients "peeled," and some of these people aren't even watching their "diet" that close*.

And here's why Lipotase ™ is so awesome. One, it contains a handful of specialized fat loss agents that among the most popular when it comes to getting shredded, and weight loss in general.

But wait, it gets even "better-than-better" because Lipotase ™ doesn't just contain a few powerful ingredients, it is LOADED with some of the hottest fat loss agents on the market, and we spared no expense when it came to how much active ingredient to add.

You see - plenty of supplement companies say they have a certain ingredient in their product, but really it's a microscopic dose that won't do anything for you.
We think that's bad business.

Get Ripped To The Bone... GUARANTEED!

We want to make 100% sure you love your cycle - and that's why we offer a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on everything we sell!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but the synergy of the compounds in this formula is so potent, many users report accelerated fat loss while keeping all their hard-earned muscle*. As you can see, Lipotase ™ is one of the most innovative hardening agents on the market, and it's all you need to keep your size and strength and get cut to the bone*.

And always remember no matter how big you are... you won't "look good" unless you're super-shredded, and Lipotase ™ is all you need to get there!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to get more definition than an HD TV set! You no longer have to imagine what it will be like to be big and cut – now you can get all the attention you deserve!

"Lipotasewas amazing! Here are two before photos of me at 215 lbs 21% bca. The after photos are me at 185 lbs and 10% bca. I did my workouts, dieted and took Lipotase. Thanks I will be getting more products from you.*"

Christian F.
Lexington Park, MD